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Birthday trip to....IKEA

Not that I planned to go to IKEA for my birthday, we just happened to go on my birthday. Helen and I missed our usual January trip when the Notts and Derby cat show was cancelled because of snow, so we decided to go during half team, when it's easier for Helen to get time off. Half term was this week, and Thurs was the best day for us all, so we went on my birthday. It was ncie having a day out with two friends, so it still counts as a win.

I remembered how tired and sore I was last year, so this time, I borrowed one of their wheelchairs. Mine was left at home so there would be plenty of space in the boot. We picked up Ven at 11 and got there in time for an early lunch. I had the Swedish meatballs with mash: mash industrial but the meatballs good. They now have a machine that dispenses milk, rather than offering those fiddly little plastic tubs, which is an improvement. Ven had their generic diet cola, which succeeded in being sweet, but not really tasting of anything. It was all cheap though.

We had a nice time pottering about.  Ven took some photos for ideas, and to look at later to see how things would go in her house. I specifically wanted a couple on things - one of those tall DVD towers, a chopping board and an socket extension to replace the once that Tycho peed on. I got other things as well, of course. They had a simple but nifty footstool: you can adjust the angle simply by moving your feet. I've been thinking about getting a new footstool for the computer chair, so I got one.
   I was walking at first, using the chair as a walking aid to lean on. After a while I was glad to have the chair to sit in as we went round. It really saved energy and reduced pain.I was tired when we were done, but nothing like as tired and sore as I'd been the year before.

I stocked up on some food, though they still don't have the Swedish Fish in that store, which is disappointing. We got everything in the car OK. The DVD tower package is over two meters long, however, it was narrow enough to fit through the flap in the back seats intended for skis (the car is a Saab). It reached the full length of the boot, through the hole, and went between the front seats to leave Helen just enough room to use the handbrake comfortably/ I'll put it up tomorrow.

Ven hadn't realized it was actually my birthday until we were out. We stopped at Tesco on the way home, so she could get cat food. She bought me two bunches of flowers while she was there, which was lovely. We got to mine just as my neighbour, Kate, was unloading some trays of narcissi. It turned out that she'd just got back from IKEA in Leeds. Freaky.


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22nd Feb, 2013 14:30 (UTC)
Happy birthday for yesterday!

One thing I love about IKEA is the free electric scooters to get around :-). Turns impossible nightmare into fun shopping trip.

I just wish they'd get round to building a Sheffield IKEA, I'll be very happy then.
22nd Feb, 2013 14:32 (UTC)
i am really glad that using a wheel chair helps you enjoy being out and about without being in pain :)

have shopping/ meatball jealousy! :)
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