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Been to the movies

Ven phoned on Friday evening to ask if I wanted to go out and do something on Sat. She didn't have anything in particular in mind, so we settled on going to the movies. We picked Django Unchained - I suggested it partly because I usually go the cinema with Gary, and it's not his sort of thing. Ven and I were talking on our phones while at our computers, checking movies and times. We did this without really thinking about it but looking back, it would have been impossible just a few years ago. It's not that long really since we were on dial-up, so talking on the phone and searching the internet at the same time couldn't be done. Of course, being both middle-aged, we used to plan days out without cordless phones, mobiles or any form of internet. It's so easy to take it all for granted now.

Once we'd settled on a movie and time, I booked the tickets online, as it was cheaper. It also turned out ot have other advantages. Once at the cinema, there were long queues at the box office, but none at the ticket collection machines - result ! I drove out and was lucky to find an empty disabled parking slot about as close to the entrance as you can get. Overall it was pretty busy, but the screen we were in was almost empty. A bit of a shame really, as their heating system wasn't working properly and it was a bit nippy. We both kept our coats on through the showing.

We both really enjoyed the film. It didn't feel as long as it was, though I think being in a cinema, with no distractions, helps. Django Unchained is very spaghetti western in style, though some characters had Tarantino's characteristic talky style. It's not for the squeamish, and I suspect that some of the weaponry wasn't quite period, but I let that slide. The point was, it's a good movie and I really enjoyed seeing a western that was modern, but without straining too hard to be so.


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26th Feb, 2013 15:53 (UTC)
Period weaponry
T'other week I watched "Jonah Hex" - enjoyably terrible - wherein, upon being double-crossed and ambushed by a mob of gunmen, the eponymous Mr. Hex reveals that the blanket-wrapped bundles to either side of his saddle are in fact hand-cranked gatling guns.

It does not go well for the gunmen. ⟨/spoilers⟩
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