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Silence is golden

At about 12.00 today, the smoke alarm on the landing began beeping, to indicate low battery power. That alarm is not only on a high ceiling, but awkardly placed, so although I had a battery, I didn't fancy climbing a stepladder to fix it myself.

I called the landlord's agents and explained - the woman was sympathetic, and said the as the alarms are wired into the mains (the batteries are a backup), the electricians liked to check them out for themselves. She promised to phone an electrician, and I asked if she'd call back to give a rough time/day to expect him. Well, it got to 3.00 and I hadn't heard anything. The wretched alarm was giving a piercing beep once a minute, that could be heard all over the flat, even through closed doors. I phone the agents again, this time standing right under the alarm, so they could hear it for themselves. I spoke to someone else, who promised to look into what the first person had done, and call me.

Guess what - no call. The alarm went on beeping. Sometimes I could ignore it, and other times I was yelling 'shut up' at it. I thought I was going to have to put up with it beeping at me all through the night. The electrician arrived with no notice, at 6.oopm, on his way home.

The battery had come loose from its fittings, (how ? it doesn't exactly move much) and he fixed it in a minute. I asked him to look at the kitchen alarm, as I'd changed the battery in that a few months ago, had trouble with it, and it wasn't working. He looked and said it was faulty, which made me feel better about my failure to make the new battery work. So he's taken that one away to replace it.

It's been lovely and peaceful now, without that ruddy beeping every 60 seconds. I was starting to get a headache, as well as it getting on my nerves. Current sound is The Lost Boys soundtrack. Much better.

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