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Hurrah !

I tried phoning the letting agents at 9:30 this morning to see if there was any more news about thhe promised plumber, who was coming to deal with the blocked sink in the bathroom. There didn't seem to be anyone in the office. The plumber arrived unannounced at 10:30.

He said the sink wasn't draining because the outlet pipe was frozen, which I suspected might be the case. He also said that the boiler took the same supply, so if no water was going out, the boiler wouldn't ignite. He cleared the sink, with the help of B&Q manual pump (must get one) and a couple of kettles of hot water. The boiler came on again, so now I have heating again ! It's wonderful.

Must go out and clear piled up snow away from the car. The road itself is pretty clear, it's just the cleared snow around the car. And with any luck, the postman will be by today, or at least tomorrow, as I'm expecting a couple of things.


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22nd Jan, 2013 20:55 (UTC)
Glsd to hear you've got heating back.
23rd Jan, 2013 11:53 (UTC)
Thank you. It's started snowing again, though lightly. You've probably got a lot more snow where you are. Waiting for the warmfront electrician to call; I'll probably be in most of the day waiting for him. I could do with going out to get some shopping, and I'd rather do it in daylight, but there you are. At least I have warm, throughout the house, and that's wonderful.
23rd Jan, 2013 17:43 (UTC)
we've had some snow, but nothing compared to past years yet (touch-wood). I've had new heating this year and am happy in that regard!
24th Jan, 2013 20:57 (UTC)
Did he re-arrange the outlet pipe too? If the pipe is at too shallow a gradient, is too small, or is obstructed, it'll freeze up again when temperatures get low enough. It's usually quite straightforward to make a new, better pipe run, and I recommend it.
24th Jan, 2013 20:57 (UTC)
P.S. Yay warmth!
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