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double shucks

After having one radiator play up, on Friday evening the boiler packed in altogether. There is a fault in the ignition, which means no central heating and no hot water, except by boiling a kettle. I've tried to get through to Warm Front, but can't, so will have to wait for the engineer on Wed, who is coming to see about the one radiator not working.

I called Ven on Sat to see about the halogen heater - she's managed to lose it. However, she promptly forwarded me replacement money and I went out to Maplins in Hillsborough and got a new one. As I was clearing snow of the car before leaving, I saw Kate from next door, who said I was welcome to come over if I got to cold. With the help of the halogen heater, blankets and my hot water bottle, things haven't been too bad. It's cold going from room to room, and I'm bored with it now, but I've lived through worse than this beforel. The flat is kept partly warm through the heating from next door and the flats below, which hasn't always been the case in the past.

No care visit today, and no one in at the office except the answering machine. I guess the snow has affected them too, and I'm not a high priority client, as I don't have to be given drugs, or fed. Strange not to hear anything from them though,

On the bright side, there's not been much I want to watch on the telly, so I've been wrapping up and watching documentaries and movies stored on the hard drive. This afternoon I watched the documentary on European horror film, by Mark Gatiss, which I recorded back last Halloween. And I've almost finished the last pile of Record Collector magazines that Steve had given to me, It'll be odd not to have some of those hanging around the place. I must be due another batch from his cellar soon.

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