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Shucks !

Tomorrow's cat show, the Notts and Derby, has been cancelled because of the weather. It's usually the first show of the year, and is convenient as an excuse for me and Helen to spend a day in Ikea. We'll have to make our visit to Ikea some other time instead.

At least there wasn't too much snow on Wednesday, as salmon_of_doubt and rhubarbtriangle came over to dinner. It was lovely to see them and have a good chat. We had Captain's Cobber as a main course, and Amaretto mousse for desert. There was plenty of desssert left over for me to finish up the next day. What's more, I was given flowers and chocolates, and Dave did a load of washing up. You can definitely come back :) I had some of the scone mix used for the cobbler topping left, and today I made three treacle scones, They look more overdone than they actually are, and taste fine anyway. There was a doctor on telly today who recommended eating fatty food as a way to keep warm in the cold weather, so I feel justified in indulging myself.

The cats have gone in to hibernation, and are little to be seen. The radiator in the living room isn't working properly. It's fine for a couple of hours after the heating is turned on, then gets cold, while the rest of the radiators are hot. I've bled air out and checked the valves, which haven't helped much. I've got to wait for an engineer to come on Weds. I'll get my halogen heater back off Ven, either tomorrow, if the snow clears a bit/I feel like the drive, or relse I'll wait until I see her at the games on Sunday. If so, must call her first to remind her to bring it.

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