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Family Xmas

It's a nice sunny afternoon here in Norfolk - not terribly festive, but I don't mind. I just hope it holds for the drive back on Friday.

We spent half of yesterday at my brother Chris' house - it was nice to see him and his family again and catch up. Sis-in-law, Sharon, was much amused by the book of flasher cartoon I gave her, and giggled away as she read them.The booklet of old family photos that I'd had made went down well too. I had 4 sets made  - one for our parents, and one for each of us children. My other brother, Geoff, isn't likely to come to Norfolk until around the New Year, so I won't see him and his family, unfortunately. I had been looking forward to seeing them again. Mum and Dad were particularly pleased with their photobook.

We had a lovely Xmas dinner at Chris'. There was a choice of 2 starters, and we all had both, except Dad. He just had a larger bowl of my nephew AyJy's French Onion soup. Everyone else had the soup and then prawn cocktail. Main course was some lovely, tender lamb, with yorkshire pudding, mashed potato, roast potatoes, mashed swede topped with cheese, shredded cabbage, sprouts and glazed carrots cooked underneath the joint. After this, we took a break to open presents, as the dessert (pavlova) needed time to defrost. That was served an hour or so later - with an option of Xmas pudding and brandy sauce. Some of us had both, though not necessarily at the same time. The Queen, Room on the Broom, Dr Who and bits of assorted movies were watched together.
   There was more telly later back at Mum and Dad's house.

This morning I've been scanning in old family photos for Dad. So far it's mostly been his family photos from the 1930's. I've heard a few new stories, like the time he nearly tore his fingertip off, climbing over a gate with barbed wire on, aged about 8. He says he remembers the experience quite clearly - funny that :) Tomorrow we'll see if the computer shop in Wymondham is open, so I can get him a card reader. Then the photos on the computer can be transferred to the digital photo frame I gave him last Xmas. We were going to scan a photo of a young woman on a bike, with a man standing behind. Dad said it was Mum, and her father. It didn't look like Mum to me. Dad said it wasn't his family so he assumed it was Mum's. Mum said she didn't recognize anyone in the picture, so she'd been assuming they were Dad's family. So the photo's been in the family album for decades and now no one knows who the people in it are. Oh well.


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