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It's quiet, too quiet.

Doing the last few jobs before going to Norfolk tomorrow.

I've checked over the car and topped up the screenwash. The forecast is for showers and maybe more steady rain, but it doesn't seem too bad. Certainly better than the snowy winter of a couple of years ago. I'm not much looking forward to the long drive, but travelling on a packed train and managing luggage is even less appealing.

This afternoon I packed the cats and all their paraphanalia, and sent them off with Chris. It's very odd - I can leave the doors open without worrying about cats going where they shouldn't. I keep closing the kitchen door anyway, out of habit. Tomorrow evening I'll be in Norfolk and the rest of teh D&D group will be at Chris's and playing with my cats. I'm jealous already. Iella will probably be in hiding, as she takes a while to settle on her holidays, but Diesel and Tycho are more relaxed and Tycho especially loves company. I might phone Chris when I get to Norfolk, to ask how they're settling in.

I phoned my parents on Friday, around 5.00pm, to see if they'd heard anything from my brother, Geoff, about when he's planning to visit over Christmas. The first thing Mum said was 'Where are you ?' They thought I was travelling down on Friday and had been waiting all day for a call to let them know how I was getting on. It was just as well I phoned them when I did, and put their minds at rest.

Have photos of the cats, to make up for their absence:

The cat tree has been moved into the games room to make space for the Xmas tree in the living room. Diesel has been sitting on it more than usual. Iella likes to cosy up to her, and ended up as Diesel's cushion. Diesel was standing on her ribcage and kneading away, purring contentedly: Iella didn't seem to mind. Once Diesel was done kneading, she just draped herself over Iella and fell asleep.

Here is Tycho on the bathroom windowsill. He had his tail curled around himself, showing off its awesome fluffiness.

Happy catmus !


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23rd Dec, 2012 09:51 (UTC)
They are all so beautiful! I want to snuggle them all. I'm glad they're such good friends.

I'd love to buy my three a cat tree but I don't know where I'd put it.
24th Dec, 2012 14:30 (UTC)
It's been two days since the cats went, and looking at those pics again makes me miss their fluffiness so much. I just want to pick one up and cuddle them.

The cat tree normally sits in a corner of the living room, partially obstructing the window. It's worth the inconvenience though, as the cats enjoy it. It makes up a bit for being mostly indoor cats.
25th Dec, 2012 00:06 (UTC)
Ah, true. I take comfort then in having a garden with lots of levels and decks that's an adventure playground for them. :-)
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