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I seem to have been rather busy lately.

Last Friday was the FFS at the Red Deer. Nice to catch up with people and chat.

Saturday I went to Stockport on the train, to take part in an assessment as part of the http://www.ukbiobank.ac.uk/ project. The aim is to establish a databank of information about the health of the nation, which can be drawn on by researchers. My first assessment was in 2009; this was a routine reassessment to see what - if anything - in my health and lifestyle has changed. There were tests of mental abilities, like memory, and physical tests of eyes, weight, heart rate etc, and I gave more blood, saliva and urine samples to go into their vast freezers.
  My blood pressure was up slightly from 2009. It was recorded as 109/66 mmHg, so no need to start worrying yet. I've lost 6 lbs and my BMI is down one point, but my waist seems to be two inches larger. Lung function is still good.

Sunday evening was games at Chris's. We played the Dragonlance boardgame - lots of pretty bits and neat little plastic dragon figures, but the components were rather fiddly in play and the stack kept falling over. It was Helen's birthday, so I gave her a little toy cat I'd made for her.

Monday - there was a communal Harcourt Road fireworks party but I stayed in to catch up and recover.

Tuesday - games night at the Chivers'. I took along The Really Nasty Horseracing Game, which Gary had picked up from a charity shop and gave to me. It was fun, and I won

Wednesday, Gary and I went to Meadowhall in the afternoon to see Skyfall, which we both enjoyed. I used the Orange Wednesday 2-for-1 deal for the first time. I don't know if that's why the screen was so busy, or if it's just because Skyfall is a hit. Gary and I weren't quite the youngest people in the screen, but it's al long time since I've seen so many pensioners in one place.

Thursday night I went to City Hall to see The Manfreds in concert. I've seen them three times before - the last time in 2006. I've been looking out on and off for them to play Sheffield again, but with no luck. I very nearly missed this gig. I was looking up times for the Bond movie, on Tues, and happened across listings for City Hall. I checked and bingo ! The Manfreds are back ! In two days time ! It was a damn fine gig, performed with lots of enthusiasm. There were new arrangements of some song, and some acoustic, jazzy numbers along with some classic old blues material. Paul Jones must have lungs of steel - powerful. bluesy singing and superb harmonica playing. He's 70 but looks some 15 years younger.

I've been home most of today, but I'm off out again tomorrow. I'm going to a cat show in Ellesmere Port with Steven and Helen. Helen and I  will find somewhere local to visit - maybe the national Waterways museum.

Sunday is roleplaying at Chris' again.

There are currently no plans to go anywhere next Monday. This is good. It's ncie to be doing stuff, but I do need time to recover, and to catch up with home stuff.

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