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7th Jun, 2007

Back to the hospital again today to see the nurse at the ms clinic. After chatting to Diane, who is lovely, she managed to get me in to see my specialist. He prescribed steroids for the optic neuritis - rather alarmingly I have five pills with breakfast every morning, But only for five days. The Dr seemed more approachable than on previous visits, even though much busier. 
  He confirmed that I'm having a flare-up of the ms at the moment. As I was only diagnosed last Oct, I'm still learning about what is regular ms difficultly, and what is a relapse.  As I've had two epidsodes in two years, my ms is considered 'active' at the moment, so the Dr said he'll put me on some drug therapy. Not sure of what or when yet - so much to look forward to ! I also said I was willing to take part in clinical trials. That's as much as I know about them so far - there will be trials. Could be anything. Another surprise ahead :)

While I was waiting for my prescription, I looked in the charity shop opposite the pharmacy, and came out with a game, 'Hex', and a bracelet.

Once done at the hospital, I went into town. Browsed in Waterstones and W H Smith, picked up some photos from Boots, bought more games in charity shops and made it to the market just as stalls were starting to close. Got some of my favourite menthol peppermints, a minted lamb steak and sliced ham and tongue for sandwiches. So much cheaper than the supermarkets.

Got home very tired, but satisfied with day out.


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