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Soup of the day

Yep, got the soup maker out and blew the dust off it today. I was buying parsnips to go in a stew at the weekend, and decided it was better value to get a bag and also make soup. I also bought a small bag of leeks for the stew, so had a couple of those to use up. The result was leek and parsnip soup, with sage. Very tasty, and another generous helping waiting in the fridge, probably for Sat.

The cats have been cosy lately - probably due to the drop in temperatures. I've had all three on my lap recently, though not all at once. I did have both Diesel and Iella once, but not for long. The girls do like to curl up together though, often on my office chair.
Here they are in a box.

Iella is grooming Diesel, which she likes to do. She also likes to pin Diesel's head down while she washes her behind the ears. Diesel sometimes looks as though she's not sure if getting groomed makes up for having a big fluffy paw in her face. I had Tycho partly on my lap this evening while watching 'Wartime Farm'. The backend was resting on my lap, while the front half was draped bonelessly over the arm of the chair. He seems to be comfortable like that though.


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22nd Sep, 2012 22:43 (UTC)
Sweet cuddly girls! That makes me very happy.

Mine rarely snuggle up these days which is a pity because Claudia and Tessa did all their lives, as did my previous pair, and I thought these ones would too. They seem to have grown out of it. At least we still get the cuddles.
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