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Soup of the day...

...yesterday was leek and potato. And this time was made with the ingredients in the recipe. A good soup, with some texture to it - there were still distinguishable bits of leek in it. Plenty left for today or tomorrow. As I have some things left over from both soup making days, the next one could be parsnip and leek.

Yesterday I went up to the Northern General Hospital to visit the Elbow Clinic. My right elbow has become rather clicky, and doesn't always straighten out fully until the joint's clicked. There's probably a bit of loose bone or cartilage floating about in the joint which gets in the way now and again. I've had an X-ray done which didn't show anything. The doctor at the clinic poked about and then decided a CAT scan might show more than an X-ray. I made an appointment to go back to the clinic in 6 weeks, which would be enough time to get the scan done. I had to go to the scanning dept, to book that appointment, and was told if I waited a few minutes, they could fit me in between other jobs. So the scan's already been done, which saves a trip back to the NGH for it, but I've still got the six week wait until the next clinic appointment, unless I can change it. And I must try to remember and book appointments for late mornings if possible, so I'm not competing with the afternoon visitors for car parking space.

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