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Cat needs new batteries

I let the cats out for a while this afternoon. When I went to fetch them in again, there was no sign of Skiffle so I went round to the back garden to look for her. She wasn't far away, and answered when I called her. After a minute or so of calling back and forth, she appeared on the wall between our garden and next doors. And there she stayed. The wall is heavily overgrown, so she didn't want to pick her way along it, and the back garden is a jungle, so she didn't fancy wading through that either. I pointed out that if she'd got into the neighbour's garden, she ought to be able to get out again, but she just sat on the wall and looked pathetic.
  I was prepared for this, and had proper outdoor shoes on, so I waded through the goosegrass, brambles and general weeds to resue her. Once we got back to the concrete path behind the house, I put her down and made her walk up the alley beside the house, and round the front to the door. She trotted upstairs and when I caught up, she was lying in front of the flat door, Being Exhausted. I opened the door and encouraged her to get up and move, with the helping hand of a foot. Once inside, she promptly collaspsed on her side again, Still Exhausted. While I was changing my shoes, she moved so she could lie with her head propped up on a shoe:  Exhausted In A Cute Pose.
   Sometimes that cat is such a drama queen.

In an effort to reclaim some space in the games room, I've decided to get rid of my orbital sander, which hasn't been used since I can't remember when. It's a Bosch PSS 150A. It's not been used a great deal, and I have the instructions and bumph for it. Current retail value according to B&Q is £25. I'm happy to sell it for £10. If interested, comment here of contact me via email (the address is on the homepage of my website, which you can get to from my profile). If you know anyone who might be interested, feel free to pass the message on.

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