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On the bright side...

At least it's been a bit warmer lately.

Week before last my washing machine sprang a leak. I mopped up the floor, checked the hoses at the back - all intact - hung the bathroom mat up to dry and got a recommendation for a repairman from my neighbour's cleaner. Chris, the repairman, came last Tues to have a look. An interesting little fellow, set perpetually on fast-forward. He doesn't walk if he can hurry, even on icy pavements, and took himself and his heavy toolkit down the stairs so fast his momentum nearly got the better of him and took him for a header. He upended the machine and diagnosed the fault as the hose that leads out of the pump.
   He came back last Friday - early again - and managed to wrestled the damaged bit of kit off and put the new one in, before again scurrying off like the White Rabbit. Monday, I put a load of laundry in. After a bit, I heard an ominous beeping and went down to find water all over the floor again. So hung up the mat again and started mopping the floor. Was interrupted in this by Tom from the ground floor flat. Water from my machine had gone through the ceiling and was running into the communal hall downstairs, making enough noise that Tom had noticed. He'd taken one look, and phoned the landlord's agents. They sensibly told him to try contacting the tenant upstairs (me) and find out what was happening. Of course, this meant I very shortly afterwards got a call from the agents, wanting to know what state the hall was in. They offered to get the machine fixed, but it's actually mine, not the landlord's, which is why I hadn't called them when it first broke. I've promised to call them back when the machine's fixed so they can come and have a look at the hall, to assess damage. I'll wait another couple of days to let the hall dry out more, but it had damp problems anyway, which doesn't make it look any better. After all that, I had to take a large load of soggy laundry to Iain B's to spin it out in his machine.
  Chris came on Tues - early - and upended the machine to peer underneath. The hose had come off. "It shouldn't have done that. I don't know how that happened." He wrestled it back into place, giving the clips a vicious tweak, apologized, and hurried off at speed. The next wash I'll do will be a quick cycle and I'll be watching it, ready to turn it off at the first glimpse of water where it shouldn't be.

The same weekend the washing machine went kerblewie, someone skidded in the snow and bumped my car. They did minimal damage, just a minor dent on the front passenger door, but I reported it to the insurers. Fortunately my neighbours heard it and got the driver's details for me. She'd admitted responsibility, so I won't have to pay any excess. It's pretty much the same story as last autumn, only with a different neighbour getting the details for me. My car was taken away today, by a very sweet young lad from the garage who didn't look old enough to have passed his test. I've got a courtesy carand tried it out on the run to Tesco this evening. It's a nippy little thing and quite fun to drive. I just have to remember to keep putting visitors permits in it, as my resident's permit goes with my own car.

And just to add to the fun, the cough is still with me, now completed by a cold, which had my nose running like a tap, yesterday. Slightly better today thannkfully. I went to see the MS nurses at the Hallamshire today, as I've been having eye problems for a while, but the other Sat evening I had full on double vision for a while. My eyes just weren't coordinating properly, and I was getting the wierdest effects of overlapping images. I looked at the cats and they had three eyes. Freaky.


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