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Things that go bump in the night

It feels like I've been on the phone all day.

I missed a call from Vikki last night, and rang her today. The tickets of the Christmas Spitewinter concert by Sheffield Folk Chorale went on sale last night. Vikki is a member of the choir and I think I've attended all of the Spitewinter concerts at the cathedral. Choir members take batches of tickets to sell, and last night demand was so high that they ran out. Vikki is certain some will come back unsold, so I'll be up for one of those. It just goes to show how popular the event is - there have been suggestions of adding a second concert but the choirmaster isn't sure there's enough demand for two shows.

Later on, I spent time on the phone to my past and present gas suppliers. Not being well, I didn't get around to suppling a meter read at the change over date, so first company, Scottish Power, sent me an estimated bill. I took a read, about three weeks after the changeover date, which was lower, and gave that to both companies. After that it got a bit complicated and ended up with old and new (OVO) companies telling me different things about what needed to be done. I think we all agreed on what the final read and bill should be, but OVO and Scottish Power couldn't agree to talk to one another about it. In the end, I simply paid Scottish Power, so they'll shut up and go away, and all seems fine with OVO.

When I got back from roleplaying last night, I found a couple of notes outside my flat door. While I was out, someone banged into my car, which was parked on the other side of the road. Davinder, who lives in the flat downstairs, heard the bang and saw someone looking at my car. He went out to speak to the driver, got her name, phone number and reg number and a note from her to me, and wrote out a note himself. He spoke to me not long after I got in, to say what had happened.
  The car isn't much damaged: there's a wide scratch on the driver's side rear corner, and that corner panel is no longer quite flush with the one behind the rear door - it's raised by about half a centimeter or so. I don't think there's anything more than that. However, as it's a motability car, and rented on a long lease, I had to call the insurance company to let them know. Otherwise the good condition bonus at the end of the contract would be affected, and possibly any future insurance claim. As it wasn't my fault, and the other driver has admitted hitting the car, I don't have to pay any excess. The insurance company will take it away in the next couple of days to be looked at and fixed, and I'll have a courtesy car in the meantime.
  I'm most grateful to Davinder for going out, speaking to the driver and making sure he got her details for me. We've chatted now and again if we happen to meet in the hall, or outside but we don't really know one another that well. It was very good of him to take my part. I must find a suitable card to say 'thank you'.

On an unrelated note: I'm in desparate need of supermarket carrier bags. I use them for the dirty cat litter, and I've almost run out. The supermarket carriers have the longer handles which tie together, unlike shop carriers. If anyone has a bunch of them spare/unwanted, I'd be very grateful. I should see most folk at the weekend, or could arrange to collect some other time.


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8th Nov, 2011 21:47 (UTC)
If Asda ones are suitable, I can bring you a few when I come to collect the hammer?
8th Nov, 2011 22:14 (UTC)
Asda bags should be just fine, thanks.
8th Nov, 2011 21:54 (UTC)
perspex - please nag (and if necessary please let us have measurements via LJ as not sure where they are... they appear NOT to be on fridge anymore :( )
9th Nov, 2011 08:46 (UTC)
We can bring some this weekend x
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