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3rd Nov, 2011

Ack. The health thing is not going well at the moment. I've been low through most of the summer because of a fairly minor, but definite, relapse. I also had continuing infections from the ingrowing toenail, which grew back just as before. So can't take steroids for the MS while I have an infection, so have prolonged and tedious course of antibiotics to try and get the foot better - then zap my immune system with the steroids.
 I've had the high-dose steroid course before without too much problem. This time its hit quite hard. With poor eyesight and generally feeling rubbish, I can't drive. I've ordered a grocery delivery from Tesco for tomorrow and had Iain B drop round some milk and the Radio Times this evening.  It's just a matter of waiting for things to settle down, and coping in the meantime.

The biggest question at the moment is whether I can/will go to Hartington. I was starting to feel well enough to drive myself out, if I took things nice and gently. The way I've been the last couple of days though, I might not be fit to drive by next weekend. I probably won't even know until the middle of next week whether I'll be fit to go away at all - which doesn't make arranging a lift any easier. So kind of stuck at the moment. Rest is the best thing - and about all I can do - so I won't be about much in the next few days.

I'm working on my websites at the moment; I'm creating a new one just for the fan fiction. I'm pleased with how it's coming, and I managed to get some work done on it today, so I can at least get something useful done.



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3rd Nov, 2011 22:59 (UTC)
I hope you're well enough to come to Hartington, it'd be great to see you with everyone.
4th Nov, 2011 09:55 (UTC)
Oh yuck - sorry to hear this. :-( I hope you're feeling better soon, and especially that you're well enough to get to Hartington when you want to.
4th Nov, 2011 11:43 (UTC)
I'm sure arranging a lift provisional on being well enough would be no problem, folks are very understanding about this kind of situation. It would be very sad indeed if you couldn't come because of not organising transport if you're still well enough to have some fun.

It's even possible that someone with licence but no car would be happy to drive you there in your own car.

I'm sorry things are sucky, and hope the steroids do their job well.

Just make sure to tell us what you need, and we'll do what we can for you. For example, I rarely use my wheelchair, so I'm happy to loan it if it would help you cope better.
4th Nov, 2011 19:07 (UTC)
Big hugs from us, sadly we can't do lift space as we have a car full but if you wanted Ian could drive you in your car as yours is the newer version of his car...a lift with someone else might prove less stressful but the offer is there if needed!
5th Nov, 2011 01:18 (UTC)
Thanks for the support and offers of help. Feeling a bit better today, but still planning to take things easy right now.

Having someone else drive my car would involve changing names on the insurance. I can name two drivers under the motability scheme - myself and my friend, Helen, at present. Even if a driver has comprehensive insurance which allows them to drive other cars, the motability car is not covered by that. It has to be one of the two named drivers.

I'm seeing more clearly than two days ago, so fingers crossed and we'll see.
5th Nov, 2011 10:47 (UTC)
We can fit you in at the last minute. Do you have my number?

email joannabailey [at] me.com
5th Nov, 2011 18:09 (UTC)
Thank you. My eyesight has improved a lot, so I may be able to manage on my own. I should know by the middle of next week, say, Wed, whether I'm likely to feel strong enough for a gentle drive out to Hartington. If not, then a lift would be greatly appreciated.
I shall let you know either way. Thank you, again.
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