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Off Again

Somewhat to my own surprise, I'm off on holiday again. Tonight, I'm in Congleton, but just for the night, Tomorrow, I'm off to Alnwick, with Gary and his Mum; it's his mum's house we're staying at tonight.

I've been invited along by Ann, Gary's mum, as a guest. I've only passed through the area before, on the train, so I'm looking forward to seeing more of it and having time to explore a little. None of us are exactly spritely, so we're planning on a couple of lazy days, using the facilities at the site. We're staying in a wooden chalet, Pine Chalet. It may be more luxurious than my own flat. It certainly has more bathrooms. The centre has leisure facilities including a heated indoor swimming pool, sauna, spa, library, relaxation area, and games room. There's also a riding stable nearby and I'm hoping to go for a hack. I plan to leave this to the end of the week, as an hour's ride might strain my leg rather, and make it even harder to walk around places.

Once I get back, next weekend, I've got about 10 days to recover before driving all the way to Norfolk for a few days there. It's my parents' Daimond Wedding anniversary, so there's a family dinner taking place. Ideally, the Alnwick holiday would have been in late August, to spread things out a bit more, but when Gary was seasrching for accommodation, he found a good deal for the end of June, so we settled for that, even though we'd only just recovered from the trip to Sussex at the end of May.

Camera's ready, games are packed, route is decided upon. Tomorrow, we're off !

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