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Gone again

I got back from holiday on Monday night. Today (Wed) I packed up the cats and sent them off to stay with Iain and Vikki for a night or two. It's unsettling for them, and I'd barely had time to enjoy being with them again. I miss my furries :(

The reason for today's departure is that I'm having central heating installed tomorrow. Getting this arranged has been something of a saga. The installers wanted to get the work done by 21st April. However, this was at a week's notice, and I hadn't had the gas meter installed. I was surprised to find out just how long it takes to get a gas meter installed, even when you already have gas laid to the house. The delay meant work couldn't start until May, and the Govt wanted all the current applications to be finished by the end of April.If it wasn't done this year, I'd have to reapply for next year. But the government are changing the criteria for elegibility for the Warm Front scheme. Next year I won't be eligible for having central heating installed. So it had to be done this year.

Fortunately, extensions are allowed, so the work could go ahead in May after all. Of course, with being away for a week, we had to work around that. The installers did suggest doing the work the day after I got back, but I knew I'd be tired. And besides,pipes are being laid under the floorboards. This means shifting quantities of furniture to lift carpets and make the floorboards accessible, Wouldn't you know, the floorboards in the games room run the length of the room, meaning that a lot of stuff, including the double wardrobe, had to be shifted in order that the floorboard can be raised, And so with workmen in all the rooms, and floorboards up, it was safer to park the cats somewhere else for the day.

Hence the cats are now at Iain and Vikki's. Diesel has stayed with them before, albeit in a different house. She's also stayed with Mickie and Annie, and with Chris 3 times, so hopefully she'll settle quite quickly. Iella is more nervy, and may not appear from hiding until it's time to come home again. I have no idea how Tycho will take to his holiday.

I have to peel back more carpet in the morning, and shift the bed. Iain Beswick gallantly came and helped shift things this afternoon, but I'm still shattered, with all this moving around coming so close after the holiday. I don't know what time they're coming in the morning, but I assume around 9.00am, so need to be up betimes. If the work does all get done in one day, the electricians will be coming Friday to finish off their end of the job.

I can't wait till it's over and everything is back where it should be. Including the cats.



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26th May, 2011 06:44 (UTC)
Sounds horrendous. Hope it goes smoothly!
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