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Clouds and castles

Today was quite warm and sunny, whichmade a nice change from yesterday. Yesterday, we went to Dover castle, which was partially shrouded in low-lying cloud and windy. I overheard one memmber of staff saying to another: "force six, gusting to 7". Standing on the roof of the castle, looking out at a foggy Dover, the wind was blowing so hard it was difficult to breathe.
   The site itself is very large and hilly. The run a 'land train' (a land rover pulling a couple of carriages), to run people around the grounds of the castle complex. The main keep is basically Norman, and has been restored inside to look as it would have done in Henry II's time. We didn't spend long in the armoury, as we can see recreated weapony and chainmail pretty much any time we like, back in Sheffield - and not in a museum either. The kitchen and the grand rooms were good though.
  The part I most wanted to see were the Second World War secret tunnels, These are an extension of the tunnels dug in Napoleonic times. They were used by the military during the war. Part of the tunnels are closed at the moment - they will open next month with an exhibition about Dunkirk. We did go on the guided tour of the underground military hospital, which was interesting.
  On the wayback to Winchelsea, we stopped at the Battle of Britain Memorial, which we happened to pass. It's an interesting place, well designed and worth a visit. I took various photos through the day, but they will have to wait until I get home and have time to upload them to my computer.

Today was a much lazier day. We went to Rye in the afternoon and pottered around a few shops. Rye is a very pretty town, with lots of lovely, quirky buildings. Last thing we stopped at a pub which promised real cider. It did indeed have barrels of real, organic cider. Gary and I shared a half of the organic perry - which impressed us by actually being labelled as perry, and not as pear cider. It was sweetish, but by heck, it was tart. I barely managed my quarter pint, and thenonly because I had some crisps to eat as well.

With it being a warm day, the caravan was pleasently warm when we got back. A nice change after the previous chilly nights. Not sure where we're going tomorrow, but I might suggest Hastings and Bexhill, because I want to see the fabulous, Art Deco De La Ware Pavilion there,

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