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I am not here.

That is, not where I usually am when on lj. Nor even in the other place I might be when on lj. I'm in a caravan at Winchelsea Beach, on the Sussex coast, near Hastings,

I'm here for a week with Gray, and crruently using his Mum's laptop while he makes a late cup of tea. We've brought a stack of games with us, mostly various card games. So far we've played Fluxx, Chrononauts and There and Back. Last night we had an evening wander in Hastings. We saw the sea, found a nice pub to have tea, and found several charity shops and secondhand book shops, which we'll visit again when open. Today Gary was mostly resting from the drive down yesterday. I had a stroll about. Around tea time, we drove down to Rye Harbour, fictionalized by Monica Edwards as Westling. This is the area where her Romney Marsh novels are set. We saw the Old Vicarage, where the series' heroine, Tamzin was sopposed to live. Thw is the house that Monica Edwards herself lived in as a teenager. Many of the places referred to in the books are real, though the village has changed somewhat since the books were written in the 50's.
  Still it was great to drive down a road and say 'This is the route Rissa took when she came to visit Tamsin', or 'That's where Jim's ferryhut was'. I've read about these people and places many times since I was a child, so to stand in the same spots as the characters did, and see many of the same things, is quite magical.


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19th May, 2011 06:57 (UTC)
Have a lovely time, hope the weather is fabulous for you!
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