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Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Last Sat was a local cat show - the Northern Birman club - out at Chapeltown *waves at roobarb *.

Just as well that it was local, as I set my alarm clock to the right time the night before, but didn't actually set it to go off. So got woken up at 8:45 by Helen ringing the doorbell. She took Steve to the show, as he was stewarding, and came back half an hour later for me. We went straight to the sculpture park, intending to call at the show later in the afternoon.

In spite of the forecasts for cloudy weather and possible showers, it was a lovely day. In fact, by lunch time, both of us were turning at bit pink, as we hadn't expected to need suncream. It was excellent weather for wandering about beautiful gardens and parkland, with some fascinating bits of sculpture to look at and photograph. Helen spotted a couple of baby rabbits grazing under a hedge, quite unbothered by the visitors nearby. We got within a few feet of them to take photos. No one else seemed to notice them, but may well have been wondering why we were photographing the bottom of a thick hedge.

It's a good place for a ramily day out. Lots of room to roam around and places for picnics, though there's snack kiosks here and there and a good restaurant in the main building. We were amused by a brother and sister in the enclosed garden. Boy of about 4 was rolling down a bank, encouraged by cries from his older sister of 'I'm right behind you !". She wasn't - she was walking down a shallower slope a few feet away :). Lots of opportunities for taking photographs of course.

More here


We got back to the cat show mid-afternoon. I met up with Tycho's breeder, Joan. She wanted to nkow how he was settling down (very nicely) and was delighted when I gave her some photos of him to keep. They were photos from my digital camera that I printed out on the instant machine in Boots. They came out a bit darker and duller than they should have, which was a shame.

Altogether, a very pleasant day.


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22nd Apr, 2011 14:05 (UTC)
Wow, there's some cool stuff in that park, isn't there? I particularly like the treehuggers and the figure made out of lettering - I do like a bit of typography with my art.

22nd Apr, 2011 15:01 (UTC)
The bunnies were very cute. There was evidence of disused (and filled in) burrows around a couple of the trees in the park.

We didn't see everything there, but I liked most of it, and it was good to be able to touch, and to feel the textures of the warm metal.

Not keen on the lumpy elephant that appears to be about to have a shit, though.
22nd Apr, 2011 14:25 (UTC)
The Yorkshire Sculpture Park is excellent - Jacquie and I took Evie there a couple of years ago. There was an exhibition of sculptures on in a gallery onsite which she walked around "interpreting". We ended up with two or three people following us to listen to the 3-year-old... :-D
22nd Apr, 2011 14:30 (UTC)
Was it at Newton Hall? I didn't notice any increase in traffic here last Saturday, we went out to Stannington to Our Cow Molly Farm for many many icecreams mmmmm it was so good
22nd Apr, 2011 14:58 (UTC)
I think it was Newton Hall. It's very close to where you are, with a teeny little car park out front.
22nd Apr, 2011 15:16 (UTC)
that's it

they usually block up our road right up on both sides, No one can visit here then it's on
23rd Apr, 2011 01:00 (UTC)
Nice pics!

I'd be more in charity with bunnies at the moment if they hadn't eaten my crocuses nearly to the ground before I got to enjoy them, and then started in on my pot of pansies on the porch steps.
25th Apr, 2011 07:29 (UTC)
Love the sculpture park! :D
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