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New toys

I got this cool Alex Harvey animated icon that salmon_of_doubtmade. I'm dead chuffed, thank you. 

(Did you hear about the trainspotter who was run over by the Flying Scotsman ? He was chuffed to bits !)

Got a parcel this morning with another toy horse for my expanding collection. I don't buy so many any more, partly because I've got most of the ones in the ranges I collect, and also because I've run out of room to display them. However, I had one of those lucky ebay moments, when the seller didn't know exactly what they were selling. He thought it was a Johnny West horse, rare because of having a nylon mane and tail. Actually it's a Sindy horse (which is based on the same mould), but is rare because of its colour. It's a dun/buckskin horse, which was made only for one limited run box set. He's very lovely, and I'm thrilled to have him.

And on the equestrian theme, I gave away my saddle to a Freecycler this afternoon. I got the saddle from a local junk shop when it closed down, because I couldn't stand the idea of it being put in a cellar and allowed to moulder. It's been taking up space in my living room for the last couple of years, and much as I like having it, I thought it ought to go to a good home where it would actually get used. The people I gave it to were very nice, and it's good to think of it getting used again.


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4th Jun, 2007 22:27 (UTC)


I can change it to 'Glasgow' if you like...
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