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New kid on the block

As many of you know by now, I have a new cat. He is a 9 month old lilac point Birman, called Tycho. His pedigree name is Twinkletoes Lilac Teasel, but I didn't want to continue calling him Teasel, as it's so similar to Diesel and I like my cats to be clear about which one of them I'm shouting at addressing. When thinking about a new name for him, Tycho came immediately to mind and refused to go away, even though I really hadn't intended to name another cat after a Star Wars character.

He's settled in well now and charges around with Iella. She's about twice his size, and he was a bit nervous of her at first, when she charged at him. Now he's charging at her. Diesel's still occasionally a little hissy with him, but they all eat happily together. Tycho's a very sweet, soft boy, who likes to groom you when you stroke him. He also has the most endearing habit of sucking his thumb. He stretches out his right foreleg and flexes the toes, as though kneading a lap, and sucks the inside toe of his left paw with wet, slucking noises, while purring. It's impossible not to go 'Awwww'.

This one shows off his floofy tail :)

You can see how blue his eyes are in this shot

And this is a nice size comparison - note the two epic tails !



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29th Mar, 2011 18:29 (UTC)
Arrrh...don't cross the streams!!!
30th Mar, 2011 00:52 (UTC)
That's what occurred to me when I looked at the photo :)
29th Mar, 2011 18:52 (UTC)
They are beautiful together! Welcome Tycho! :)
29th Mar, 2011 21:41 (UTC)
He's beautiful! I'm glad they're all getting on well. How long did it take to integrate him?
30th Mar, 2011 00:59 (UTC)
Tycho's been here just shy of a fortnight now. Diesel still hisses at him now and again, though he doesn't take much notice any more. He plays with Iella happily now but no sign of them curling up together yet.
I shut him alone in the living room the first three or four nights and when I was out. They didn't interact very much at that stage. It was all very spaghetti westernm, with lots of silent staring at one another and circling around. Tycho started coming out to explore more during the day, and I started leaving the door open around the fifth night.
31st Mar, 2011 05:18 (UTC)
So Iella accepted him well. Do you think it's them being opposite sexes? I've been told to get a boy as the girls will accept him more readily, but others say it doesn't matter at all with neutered cats. I'm going to look at some tomorrow. I may not be able to resist coming home with one.
1st Apr, 2011 13:46 (UTC)
I'm looking forward to hearing more about possible (or actual) new cat.
3rd Apr, 2011 10:46 (UTC)
He's now actual as from today. And extremely smoochy, but of course Jasmin and Ashley aren't happy. I'm just off to bed so I hope he doesn't mind being shut in the spare room overnight so the girls can have the run of the resr of the house.
29th Mar, 2011 22:10 (UTC)
Awwww - he's gorgeous! :-)
30th Mar, 2011 00:46 (UTC)
Awww, he does even look like Tycho (especially the blue eyes - those pretty blue eyes).
30th Mar, 2011 01:00 (UTC)
Yes, I used the blue eyes as a justification for using the name L)
30th Mar, 2011 08:03 (UTC)
Awwww! That's more fluffiness than mortal woman can handle, surely.

*temporarily steals Tycho and cuddles him*
30th Mar, 2011 13:33 (UTC)
Such a pretty boy! Sorry we didn't get to talk much on Sunday, hope to come and meet the new gorgeous addition soon x
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