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Game for it

I don't actually collect games, I just have quite a lot of them. I thought about this because I've been on a bit of a games-buying splurge the last couple of weeks. So I counted up.

At home, I have 57 board and card games. There are also 5 packs of playing cards and 11 jigsaws. There are two more games in the post on their way to me and another I'm bidding on on ebay.
Those are the games at home.

I also have some games at Chris's house, in the games room there. I'm not sure how many, off-hand, especially the CheapAss Games. They were all bought by me, Steve and Chris and are stacked togerther. I know Cube Farm and Unexploded Cow are mine, but can't remember how many of the others might be. The other board and card games I'm a bit clearer about. I'd guess I own at least 20 games that live at Chris's house. That's brings the overall total to around 80 games.

There's also the role-playing stuff, a good deal of which lives at Chris's, and again, not entirely sure how much is actually mine, and what belongs to other people. It's all rather communal.

The latest board game to join the horde (or hoard), is Ticket To Ride Europe, with an extra set of train tokens so six can play. I've wanted it for ages and bought it with some birthday money.
The physically oldest games are probably Diversion, which was published in 1957, and a vintage copy of Kan-U-Go that may be pre-war. The ones I've personally owned the longest are a set of Escape from Colditz, that originally belonged to my older brother, Chris, a rather battered copy of Sorry !, and my childhood sets of Monopoly (with lego substituted for mysteriously missing houses and hotels), Cluedo and Totopoly.

Mapominoes: Africa is on its way to me, and I intend to get Maponinoes:Americas when I can find a set. I don't think it's possible to play more than two Mapominoes sets together though - if you have a table big enough, it's too big to reach into the middle to put cards down.
This is a game using the Europe and Asia/Australasia packs - I had to add a small table at the far end of the dining table to make enough room.

Playing with all four packs would be fun, but not awfully do-able.

edit: Someone on BoardgameGeek has posted a link to a games seller that's having a sale this month. I seem to have just ordered 4 more games....



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1st Mar, 2011 22:50 (UTC)
We only have about 15 board games (I think) plus assorted jigsaws that also solve s mystery. The last board game we bought was a second-hand Colditz; yay!
Tim Cox
14th Apr, 2012 16:28 (UTC)
me and my sister find it best when playing with several packs to play on the floor otherwise its just impossible
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