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Once Upon A Time...

I've been catching up with movies a bit this week. Gary came over Wed evening; we had a couple of games of Hex, then food, then movies. I asked him to pick something from the movies on my freeview box, as I have really need to watch stuff and delete it. We settled on SunshineIt has wonderful visuals, and I bet would look fantastic on the cinema screen, where you could feel completely immersed in the space scenes. It would make the atmosphere more claustrophobic too. Some of the scenes were rather confusingly shot, and I wanted to shout at the characters on occasion, for stupidity. Overall though, I enjoyed it.
  I thought we should have another small crew/long voyage//stalking death sci-fi movie after this, but of a slightly different tone. So we watched Spaceship AKA Naked Space AKA The Creature Wasn't Nice. It dates from about 1983 and was apparently filmed on a budget of about $10.68, and most of that was probably Patrick McNee's salary. It's an Alien spoof made by someone who liked Dark Star. It contains the line 'their oxygen is compatible with ours," and has the best song and dance sequence by an alien life form in any movie, ever.
"I Want To Eat Your Face"

Yesterday we went out to the cinema to see the new Disney, Tangled. We saw it in flat, which was fine, although there were some scenes I'd rather like to see in 3D. The movie was very nice to look at, The colouring was lovely and rich and had some lovely visuals. We both enjoyed it; it moved at a decent pace and had some good action sequences in it, as well as making us both laugh. So, well worth it.



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4th Feb, 2011 09:16 (UTC)
I really liked Sunshine, right up until the last 20 minutes when it suddenly took a sharp left turn, went completely WTF?!? and stopped making any sense at all if you thought for more than a couple of seconds about "but how could...?".
12th Feb, 2011 11:11 (UTC)
"I want to eat your face"
I think that is simultaneously both the most stupid and brilliant thing I've seen in a long time.
12th Feb, 2011 23:34 (UTC)
Re: "I want to eat your face"
That kind of summarizes the whole movie.
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