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Unexpected cat

I got a phone call earlier this evening from Vikki, asking to borrow a cat basket. An elderly friend of hers is moving to Solihull tomorrow, to be near her daughter. The friend, Betty, has semi-adopted an apparently stray cat and was wondering if she could take the cat with her. The cat's been in the neighbourhood for years apparently; all the neighbours know it, and some of them also feed it, but no one knows for sure who it belongs to, She's a little black and white cat, no collar, and generally spends her nights in Betty's house. Vikki want to take the cat, Elsie, to the vet to be scanned for a microchip.

I went along with her, as a more experienced cat wrangler. Elsie was very friendly and let me pick her up right away and we got her into the cat carrier with no problems, and took her off to Hallam Vets on Holme Lane. They scanned her a found a chip. The address registered was right over the other side of Sheffield; they tried to phone and the number was not recognized. The staff at the vets kindly tried directory enquiries to see if there was another number for the address. The number on the chip showed it was a few years old. The vets looked for the surname in their own records and found nothing. The owner hadn't kept their details up to date or reported the cat missng.

The vet said that realistically there wasn't much chance of finding the owner. They couldn't take Elsie, so as Betty had been looking after her for a year or more, and had tried to find an owner, it was suggested that Betty should keep the cat and take her to Solihull. I loaned Betty my old wicker cat basket for the journey, as she's going tomorrow morning. I'm not sure when I'll get it back, but I have my newer one, and if I need two at once, I'm sure I can borrow one. But Betty is a grand person, and Elsie is a sweet and affectionate cat and it's nice to know they'll go on enjoying each other's company.


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