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Meet and eat

This year I managed soemthing I've rather wanted to do for a while - today I attended the local Boxing Day meet in the town centre. OK, today isn't Boxing Day, but the meet of the Dunston Harriers was put back a day as Boxing Day fell on a Sunday last year. Horses and hounds actually first gathered by the sports field behind the library, which my parents' back garden meets at the other end. So as soon as I stepped into the back garden to take the shortcut into town, I could hear hounds.

I walked to the Market Cross in the town centre, which is a gentle five minute stroll from home, and joined the rest of the crowd waiting there. It was a good turn out, of all ages, with family groups. Hunt supporters offered around fruit cake and sweets. Just after 11.00, the hunt and field appeared. They only brought a small pack out, and there were only about 10 riders altogether, including a girl of about 4, being led on a shetland pony.They gathered in the market square for their stirrup cup, so everyone could admire the horses and hounds. After a few minutes, it was announced that because of the bad weather, the horses hadn't been exercised to proper fitness, and the ground was too hard for galloping, so there would be no actual hunt. It seemed a shame after all the effort everyone had gone to turn themselvers and their horses out so well. Still, I had no intention of following on foot anyway, so at least I got to see the Meet, which is what I wanted.

In the afternoon, I went to the local Waitrose on hope of finding four-packs of the Bundasberg Root Beer that I like, and some more pocket tissues, as I used up all mine with the cold I've had. I got those, and also found the shelves of post-Xmas reduced to clear goodies. So ended up with a goodly stash of chocolates, Tuckish Delight and other edibles, which should last me a fair while (though some is intended for sharing). I left most of it in the boot of my car, as there didn't seem much point in bringing it indoors and upstairs for just a couple of days before putting it all back in the car again. It's cool enough outside that everything will keep well, probably better than in this hot house, in fact.

My brother, Geoff and his wife, Denise, have spent Xmas down on the coast in Southwold. They are planning to stop here on their way back to Leicestershire. The plan was for them to be here tomorrow, Tues, which would have been ideal for me. However, they've delayed until Wed, which is the day I plan on driving back to Sheffield. I can't leave it till Thurs as that's the day of the Nightingale's party, and I need to have a rest after driving back. Hopefully, Geoff will make it to Wymondham before I have to leave, so we'll be able to say 'hello', at least.


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28th Dec, 2010 12:26 (UTC)
you'll be please to know it was actually Voxing Day on the 27th this year, It shouldn't fall on a Sunday as it was the servants day off and Sunday is too busy for them to have a day off

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