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Made it !

Yesterday I ignored the dire warnings about the weather, and drove down to Norfolk for Xmas. I did change from my usual route, which goes along the A17. The A17 runs across the fens- it's very exposed, with long rural sections with no one much around. So not a good place to break down or get stuck. It's also single track and difficult to overtake in good weather, so if you get stuck behind something in snow, you're not going anywhere fast. Instead, I took the A1 down to Huntingdon, then the A14 and A11.It's a longer route, but you can drive faster. There was snow through the Midlands, but not too bad, and the traffic wasn't too heavy at any point. So I got to Wymondham with no trouble.

I was out again a couple of hours later, as my nephew, AyJy, turned 18 on Monday. So me, my parents, my brother, Chris, his wife, Sharon, AyJy and his friend, Jake, all went to The Railway for a meal. The place had a nice atmosphere, more of an informal restaurant than a pub. The food was good, with very generous portions. I had a half crispy duck with pancakes, shredded veg and hoi sin sauce, followed by lemon ice cream cake. I sat next to Chris and it was nice to have time to sit and chat with my brother. We are going over to their house on Xmas day as usual. Chris hadn't decided which meat to cook, so I asked if we could have the mutton, as I've not tried that, and would like to.

Pottered about Wymondham this afternoon. Got a jumper and a couple of books, including Oliver Postgate's autobiography, picked up in a charity shop fo £1.50. That should be interesting.

Norwich tomorrow, and while there will pick up my Xmas presents from Mum amd Dad, which I've chosen myself and reserved online at Argos.

The cats have been packed off to stay with Chris in Walkley. Diesel has been there three times before, and wandered around looking a home right away. Iella cowered in the back of her cat box, so we left her there to come out in her own time. I suspect that when she did, she immediately went into hiding. I wonder if she's come out yet ?


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24th Dec, 2010 10:09 (UTC)
Glad you made it safe - I was wondering how you'd got on! AyJy is 18? I can't believe it!

Have a lovely time with your folks - best wishes to you all!
24th Dec, 2010 14:19 (UTC)
Hey, did you see the Liberator on my X-mas tree pics? I got the small plastic Corgi one, as you'd suggested, and it looks great on my space themed tree.
27th Dec, 2010 22:51 (UTC)
I did see the Liberator. I showed your tree photos to a friend of mine, who was most impressed. I also showed Gary, Vilakin's pics of her space themed tree.
25th Dec, 2010 06:19 (UTC)
I'm sure you're having a great time, and I hope the cats are too.

And thank you so much for the beautiful e-card with the dear little cat in the snow. Awww. I do love Jacquie Lawson's cards.
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