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Pack up your troubles...

..or in this case, a video player that's gone on strike. The wretched thing lights up when you plug it in, and won't do anything at all. You can press any button you want, and nothing whatsoever happens. So I put it in my rucksack to take it back to Richer Sounds where I bought it, which handily is just five minutes walk away,
   The staff were helpful, as always. My machine is going back to Panasonic for them to deal with, and in the meantime, I have another video player on loan for the 2-3 weeks mine will be away. I like the way the shop staff use tape and plastic bags to make handles for packing boxes to make it easier for you to carry your stuff. New video is plugged in and all seems to be well so far.

Planted the new clematis about half an hour ago. That and the new honeysuckle should scramble up the elder tree stump together and spread over the front wall. If they both grow as well as the other honeysuckle, they're going to be beautiful in a few years' time. 
I also put the dragonfly ornament out, in a clump of astilbe. It's really pretty there, hovering just above the leaves.

The cats both had the fumbles this morning. Diesel was on top of the bathroom cupboard and wanted a closer look at the clematis, which was sitting in the bath at the time. She tried to climb down onto the edge of the bath rim, missed her footing, and slipped into the bottom of the bath. And while I was giggling at her, Skiffle fell off the edge of the sink. Nothing hurt except some feline dignity.

I've booked my ticket for Jasper fforde's talk in Manchester. Apparently it's selling quite fast, so anyone else who's interested shouldn't leave it too long. The event is at Waterstone's, telephone number is 0161 8373000.


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31st May, 2007 14:40 (UTC)
On a totally unrelated note, I find myself with surplus copies of Barrayar and Cetaganda - want 'em?
31st May, 2007 23:50 (UTC)
I've got Ceteganda, but I'd like Barrayar, thanks. I picked up Shards of Honour while I was in Norfolk, which is the one that comes just before it, so I can do some catching up on Miles' background. It's been year since I read either.
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