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Gratuitous cat pics

It was starting to feel decidedly autumnal last wekk. I put the heaters on - and then turned them up - I was wearing a light jumper and bodywarmer in the evenings (it takes a couple of days for the storage heaters to catch up) and I changed from lightweight summer trousers into my cords. And the cats started to snuggle up together in armchairs.

This week it turned warmer. So I've turned the heaters down, though they are still on, and haven't needed a jumper in the evening. I think Iella's starting to get her first proper winter coat. The fur around her neck seems thicker. I'm looking forward to seeing her in full winter kit, as it's quite impressive in Skaukatts.

Here she is, photographed just a few days ago. She's looking quite nature now. She's still surprizingly skinny under the fur. She and Diesel both weigh 8lbs

Iella does love her tunnel. I often find her lying halfway in, with furry bum and tail hanging out. and nothing else visible. Here she looks rather cute.

Just to prove I do have two cats, here's Diesel reclining on the sofa

And Iella again, doing much the same on an armchair

Her ruff is starting to develop, making her look rather regal in this pose. And she looks lovely and cosy and diva-ish, all wrapped up in her fur coat.


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21st Sep, 2010 13:40 (UTC)
They are so adorable. :-)
21st Sep, 2010 16:07 (UTC)
you have lovely cats - so sad I am allergic to them :(
22nd Sep, 2010 00:14 (UTC)
What noble cats! Diesel has beautiful jade eyes; are Iella's dark amber?

The girls adore their tunnel too. It's longer than that one and they chase each other though it, skidding the whole thing across the room, or just lurk in there. :-)
25th Sep, 2010 04:19 (UTC)
Thank you. Iella's eyes are amber, which I love. They may turn green when she's couple of years older, which would be a shame, but she'll still be adorable.

I sometimes call Diesel my chocolate cat with the mint-chip eyes: such lovely rich plain chocolate coloured fur and mint-green eyes. That's not the most flattering photo of her, but she's a beauty too.
25th Sep, 2010 04:29 (UTC)
Huh! I thought a cat's eyes colour was fixed once they grew out of the kitten blue.

And I thought Diesel was black. He's much darker than Tessa was.
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