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Yes, still down in Norfolk. I was promised a courtesy car, but there was a delay as the garage's cars were all out, and they were waiting for customers to bring them back. So instead it was arranged for me to have a car through a rental firm. I had to pay a refundable deposit, which has eaten a chunk out of my available cash and rather limits where I can actually go in the thing. It's a dinky little Hyundi Matiz. It'll cruise happily at 70mph, but there's wind noise and it all feels a bit cheap and tinny.

Still, I used it to tour Wymondham in seach of wastepaper baskets. There are never enough at Mum and Dad's, so I thought I'd pick up one of two inexpensive ones. Wymondham is a town of nearly 40,000, and has a large Waitrose, a branch of Focus and one fair size hardwrd store, plus sundry other shops. What it doesn't have at the moment, is paper bins. I was told in three shops that another woman had been asking for bins earlier in the week. She didn't find one either. I bet the local Woolies would have had them, if it were still open.
  The local Waitrose does, however, have the Kopperburg cider with elderflower and lime, which is lovely, and even better, four-packs of Bunderberg Root Beer, which I'm rather partial to. Oh, and it has physalis in too, which I like.

Sat morning I called the garage again, to find out how they were getting on. They now had the wheel for my car, but didn't yet have the right tyre for it. How hard can it be to find a tyre for a new, fairly common car, like a Fiesta ? Anyway, with it being the bank holiday, they won't get any more parts delivered before Tues. With any luck, the tyre will arrive then, and can be fitted in short order. They know I've extended my stay, and that I want to be away by Tues if possible. The woman I spoke to said that if necessary, I can return to Sheffield in the hire car, they'll bring my car to Sheffield when it's ready, and take back the hire car. This is an improvement on an earlier suggestion that I bring the hire car back to Norfolk to swap for my own.

After that, I went into Nowich and visited my favourite shops. I got a fab top from Head In The Clouds, which claims to be (and probably is) Britain's older head shop. Then there were a couple of secondhand book shops and a nostalgic tour around Langley's, a wonderful toyshop. It's part of the Toymaster chain now, but still has the Langley's name on price tags and packaging etc. I mooched around in the games for a while, and recommended Ticket to Ride (Europe) to a German-accented customer looking for family games. I bought There and Back .

Today, Dad and I watched the Belgian Grand Prix. Towards the end, it was raining heavily outside. This is particularly noticable from the rain drumming on the roof of the conservatory. Two laps from the end, we suddenly lost the satellite reception. Outside it was hailing, with added thunder and lightning. We had to turn the sat box off, and on again a few minutes later, by which time the weather had eased up. We got it back in time for the post race interviews, so we could at least see who'd won.

So, still in Wymondham tomorrow, passing the time and waiting for Tues to hear if my car will be fixed then.


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29th Aug, 2010 18:23 (UTC)
I don't think Toymaster is a chain as such. AIUI it's more of a group of independent businesses which operate together under the Toymaster name for things like joint publicity and greater negotiating power with suppliers. Hence the place in Norwich is Langley's Toymaster which is independent of, say, Anderson Toymaster in Whitby and other Toymaster-branded stores elsewhere.
29th Aug, 2010 20:29 (UTC)
Hope your car gets fixed by Tues. :)

I have not tried that brand of root beer before. I grew up with A&W root beers which are not easy to get here or you pay through your nose for it. Funny why they charge so much for non alcoholic fizz. :P

Damn, now I am gonna trawl the net for A&W...
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