Gillian (san_valentine) wrote,

Getting there....slowly

Today was largely spent waiting for the phone to ring. The garage man didn't call until gone lunchtime and it turns out that Motability don't give the go-ahead for getting a new wheel. I had to call the insurance company and sort things out with them. The insurance person was nice, and sympathetic to the fact that I'm not at home, don't have half my documents and details with me, and that I need to get back to Sheffield before long. I had planned to return on Sunday, but I can stay on till the middle of next week if necessary (if so, must remember to call Iain B and ask him to keep feeding the cats). At least I'm at Mum and Dad's and not in a hotel. Much easier to extend the visit and no extra expense.
   The insurance bloke promised to contact garages, and I eventually got a call from one of them around 4:30. They're coming to pick the car up tomorrrow and will look at it asap, to get an idea of the work and parts needed. I told them that the Ford garage had the correct wheel in, anyway. They don't have any courtesy cars in at the moment, but I don't desparately need one, so I can wait till they have one available. I have no idea when they will collect the car, as the job's been rather squeezed in, so it means another day of hanging around the house until further notice.
  And, of course, I have to pay the excess on the insurance - which at least is only about half the cost of a new wheel.

Bloody potholes.
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