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Adventures in the flatlands

Now Mum and Dad are settled in their new house, and Dad's had his op and is nicely recovered, I thought I'd come down to Norfolk for a visit. No need to book a train ticket well in advance - I can just get in the car. It's the longest drive I've made so far, but I know the route so it felt quite straight forward. I stopped a couple of times en route, for lunch and for a quick loo stop. The weather was good on Sunday, and the roads generally fine. On the A1 and some sections of the other roads I put on the cruise control and let the car take over. The last leg was through some twisting, narrow country lanes, which are fun driving. Unfortunately, I was just a couple of miles outside Wymondham (where my parents live) when I ran the left front wheel into a nasty pothole at the edge of the road. The tarmac had just broken away, leaving a small, sharp-edged gap that the wheel whanged into with some force. I pulled when I reached the edge of Wymondham and had a look, and the tyre was down. I made it to home driving slowly.
  So yesterday I used the tyre repair/inflation kit that comes with the car, instead of a spare tyre. It got the tyre sound eough to do for a couple of hundred miles, provided I didn't go over 50. I drove to Kwik Fit in Norwich, as they do all the work for the motability cars. The cruise control was useful again here, as I could set it at just over 40 on the main road, and then stay at that speed without risk of the speed creeping up unintentionally on a fast road. When the bloke at Kwik Fit got the wheel off to chane the tyre, he found that I'd dented the wheel rim so much that the whole wheel needed to be replaced. Fortunately the Ford dealer is close to that branch of Kwit Fit. K-F man put the wheel back on and pumped up the tyre some more and I went round to Ford, getting in just before they closed. The dealer there has put in a request to motability, who have to authorize the new wheel before I can get it. All the cost of tyre and wheel replacement is included in my motability deal, so I shouldn't have to shell out any extra cash. When I get the word from the Ford dealer, I got pick up the wheel from him, take it to Kwik-Fit who will put a new tyre on and install it all on the car.
  Driving back from Norwich yesterday was an adventure. It wasn't just raining, it was more of a cloudburst. There was no danger of exceeding 50 miles an hour, as most of the time, 30 was quite fast enough. Huge sheets of water on the road were thrown up in spray by cars and any pedestrians would have been soaked - even worse than just from the rain. You could feel the difference in the car's handling as you went through the water. It was coming darned close to aquaplaning at times. With, of course, rather limited visibility. Fortunately, it looks a bit nicer today.
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