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None shall pass

It's been a frustrating few days for trying to get across the Peak District. I was going to Manchester on Thursday, and got a phone call in the morning to say that there was a rumour that the Snake Pass was closed, due to a landslide. I tried to check online - traffic sites were being very unhelpful but I had Radio Sheffield playing online and they helpfully made a traffic announcement confirming the closure - though there was nothing about it on their website travel section. So I phoned Gary, who was driving, and he decided to go over via Winnat's Pass.

So come 1.00, Gary picked up Ven, and then me, and we set off. We got through Castleton and to the foot of Winnat's Pass, only to discover that the road was closed, for roadworks. There was no prior warning anywhere - no diversion signs and nothing on the radio or online. We were already a little late, and here we were, in the middle of the Peaks with both Winnat's Pass and Snake Pass closed. Fortunately, Gary knows the Peaks pretty well, and turned back to go around Mam Tor the long way, via Edale. It's a very scenic route, but very steep, narrow and winding, as well as being a much longer way round. Consequently we arrived in Manchester nearly an hour late.

Yesterday I went over to Queensferry, by the Dee estuary, with Steve and Helen. The intention was to drive over the Woodhead pass. We got there and guess what ? Closed ! No mention of it on the traffic bulleteins we'd heard. Shortly afterwards there was one which told us that a lorry had overturned on the Woodhead, doing some damage to the carriageway. So we had to divert north, via Holmefirth, which all took far longer than anticipated. We got Steve to the cat show just a few minutes before judging was due to start. Fortunately, we weren't showing a cat, as we'd have missed the entry time. Steve was judging some of the classes so they'd have had to wait for him.

After a quick look round, Helen and I went on to Llandudno. We ate lunch then found a remainder book shop that was closing down. 'Fill a bag for £5' was the offer. You got handing a cheap plastic carrier as you went in. The stock wasn't inspiring, so we opted to get one bagful between us, which still amounted to about 8 assorted books. After this, we went to the cable car, as I really fancied a ride on that. However, so whatever reason, it was closed. We didn't really have time for the tram instead, as we'd have had to come back as soon as we got up, Instead, we opted for a stroll along the pier. We wasted some money in the amusement arcade, then had ice-creams. I had a lovely coconut and chocolate swirl, and Helen had the honeycomb and carmel. Foretunately she started to eat it fairly briskly, as it wasn't long before a seagull swooped down and stole the cone from her hand. We'd seen the birds attacking others earlier. I kept my cone very close to my face, but Helen must have let hers stick out a little further so the bird could make its very precise attack.

And my visit to Aunty on Thursday ? I can't really tell you what happened on a public forum, as Aunty doesn't want to spoil the surprise for later on. I shall say that the visit went very well, and I shall be returning to Manchester in early September.


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18th Jul, 2010 16:48 (UTC)
Congratulations... for no specific reason.
18th Jul, 2010 21:15 (UTC)
Thank you. And (hopefully), about six weeks from now I shall be an expert on the life of Butch Cassidy. I've long been interested in him, but there's no real reason why I should start studying him now. Honest.
19th Jul, 2010 07:25 (UTC)
Glad to hear the visit to Aunty went well. Looking forward to learning out more about it. Hope the next visit goes just as well!
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