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At the flicks

After a certain amount of "I'd quite like to see that...", Gary and I finally organized ourselves into going to the cinema and actually seeing something.  We went to Vue and started by catching the last showing of Nanny MacPhee and the Big Bang, It was very enjoyable - very well written, we both thought. It's a lovely advert for the beauties of the English countryside, though at one point, as the farming family were having a picnic, I couldn't help thinking that that was the hay meadow they were fooling around in and that they were potentially damaging the crop. Still, that's not really the point. I guess I've spent too much time watching ,The Victorian Farm'. The film managed to be both funny and moving; there is a scene of understated, stiff-upper-lip emotion, which is beautifully written and played. While watching, it struck me as not at all the sort of thing seen in modern, Hollywood movies, but perfectly in tune with the British WW2 setting. I can't say I was too surprised when I saw in the credits that the screenplay was by Emma Thompson.

Afterwards, we went to a nearby cafe for a late-ish lunch, then back again to catch 'How to Tame Your Dragon' in 3D. It was more Hollywood than Nanny MacPhee, but a good example of the better Hollywood class of animation. None of the characters were anything special, but the humour carried it through well and the animation was very high class. There was a trailer for Toy Story 3D, which I'm looking forward to.

We left the cinema about 6 and came home via Tesco. I bought some microwave bolonaise to ahve with pasta for our tea, but when I was unloading food, I found a pack of organic pork sausages in the fridge I'd forgotten about, which needed using up. So we had sausages with carrots and mashed swede (no potatoes in the house). Afterwards, while discussing silly telly shows, we went from 'Hole in the Wall' to 'It's A Knockout', which led to watching 'The Goodies and the Beanstalk', which features an 'It's A Knockout' parody. Parodying something that's so silly anyway is quite an achievement, but the Goodies were excellent. I just wish more of their stuff was out on DVD. I'd love to see Puppet Power again - giant Dougal FTW !


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