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Good news, bads news week

It's been a bit up and down this last week.

I phoned my parents early in the week. They've been on holiday to Folkstone and while on day trips out, Dad was getting pains in his chest. When he got home, he went to see the doctor. Doctor sent to him to hospital the next day for tests. He's been diagnosed with angina, to go with his other health problems. On a day to day level he's well enough (if he avoids day trips and too much walking about), he's just accumulating more things that need to be monitored. There will be a further investigation of the angina, and possibly surgery, which Dad is convinced will make everything all right again. On a more positive note, they have the keys to the new house, and can start thinking about things like getting a stairlift installed and moving in. Their current house isn't on the market yet, so there's no hurry.

After missing two deadlines, I finally finished the Sewing Project of Doom. Sadly, however, fate conspired against delivery. I got a call early Thursday from the Ford dealer, to say that Motability had been doing the checks and I'd failed the DVLA check on my licence. This was no doubt because I notified them a few weeks ago of my ms and they have to talk to my doctors about it. In the meantime , my licence is considered full and valid. I had to call the DVLA and give permission for a manual check to be made, which would confirm the situation re the valid licence. I called, went through two menus, spoke to someone, was put on hold for a couple of minutes while being transferred to another department - and then the doorbell rang.
  It was bound to be the postman with a parcel, so had to put the phone down and go collect parcel. Sure enouhg, nice postman was holding one large package. However, I'd been expecting some boardgames, which should be been delivered by then, and this certainly wasn't even one of them. I asked if there was anything else in the van and was told no. Went back upstairs, phoned DVLA again:menus, voice, hold etc. While holding, got a message to say Jenny had had to cancel lunch plans. DVLA was reassuring about licence but I couldn't help worrying that it was another potential hiccup. So went back under duvet and slept most of the morning.
  In the afternoon, different postman showed up with the two overdue games. I guess my comments in the morning prompted someone to have a look around the office for them.

This morning, got letter from Motability confirming that I've passed checks and will be getting a car. Most cheering They certainly didn't hang around once they'd got started, did they ?

Went into town (nice and sunny), for annual eye test. The good news is, there's virtually no change since last year. The bad news is that the optician wouldn't give me an NHS voucher for the cost of new glasses, as my current ones don't need replacing. I'd been planning to get prescription sunglasses to wear while driving. I have a voucher for half price sunglasses at Boots, which would have cost me just £35. However, being so short sighted, I really need expensive, thin lenses, unless I want really thick, heavy lenses in great, chuncky frames. So I had to pay extra for the thin lenses, which means my new prescription shades will cost £95. This does include anti-glare coating and it's important to see clearly when driving, so it should be money worth spent.



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16th May, 2010 10:08 (UTC)
I feel your pain on getting glasses. I also pay extra for one lenses to be thinned so it is on par with the other side. And it is still £60 ++ on top of the usual fees. I asked once if I just want new prescription glasses in a current frame, would it be cheaper and it is still the same price as getting a new one! We live in a wasteful retailer's exploitful sales society.

Glad Motability issue is all sorted out! What colour is new car?

And Sewing Projects will be appreciated, well done!! :)
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