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The book mine - I found the motherlode

On Wed I drove over to Congleton in convoy with Gary - he in his new car and me in his old car. The old car is going to a friend of his family, who live over there, so it was being delivered to his mum's house. This was the longest journey I'd driven solo in over 20 years but it all went well. I didn't hit anything and managed to keep Gary in sight over the winding and steep roads of the Peaks and through Macclesfield.

It was nice to meet some of Gary's family at last - he stays with them often and so I hear about what they're doing when we chat. His mum was very friendly and welcoming. She fed us a good meal, which was very welcome. She also had some books to give away. Quite a few books. Lots of them, in fact.

She was having a thorough clear out to make space (which I suspect may be filled with more books). Most was fantasy; much of it was entire series, in hardback or trade paperback, and mostly as good as new. I was urged to take away set after set from a collection of near on a couple of hundred books. I phoned Ven and asked what she wanted, and to get recommendations as to what to take, as Ven reads far more fantasy than I do. In the end, Gary's mum gave me a medium sized suitcase that she wanted to get rid of, to carry the books. I brought home 29 books, including 14 hardbacks.Size-wise, they mostly vary between brick and breezeblock.  I'll have to sort out which ones I'm having, and which are going to Ven and her friend.

This lot should keep me quiet for some time.



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23rd Apr, 2010 13:00 (UTC)
? you could read them all first - then pass to Ven and think about whether you want them back or not at that point??
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