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Out and About

I seem to have been a bit busier than usual this week, and it looks like more of the same for next week.

I got a shiny new widescreen flatscreen monitor last week, It neccesitated a rearrangement of all the clutter on my desk top, especially the collection of Star Wars figures (all pilots). I got everything set up OK, then realized that unlike the old CRT, the new monitor doesn't have inbuilt speakers - and I no longer seem to have the speakers that went with the previous monitor .Fortunately, Iain B was coming over Friday to put in the extra RAM he'd encouraged me to get. He installed that and also brought a niftly little pair of speakers that he'd been given ages ago by Dave, and never used. The sound quality of the monitor speakers had always been a bit tinny but I'd got used to that. The Dave/Iain speakers are pretty good stuff. Sound quality is suddenly much better. In return, I cooked a roast chicken dinner and fed iain.

Out Sat afternoon for a longish drive around with Gary. Roleplaying Sun evening and a two hour driving lesson Tues afternoon, followed by games in the evening.  Wed I used up the remains of the chicken in stew, which I shared with Gary before a trip out to Tesco with him in the evening. Then this afternoon (Thurs) was another drive out in his car. We started out by driving up over the top of Walkley and down the other side to Hillsborough, which is rather exhilarating fun as a driver. We went up Penistone Road and Halifax Road, not aiming to get anywhere in particular, and ended up at Grenoside. There was a fun bit of country driving over to Outibridge and then back down Middlewood Road. Gary navigated us to Parson's Cross, where there's a set of nice, quietish roundabouts to practice on. The area is popular with local driving schools, and we saw cars representing several companies there. Didn't see my driving instructor out there, but wouldn't have been at all surprised.

As we'd been out for about an hour and a half by this time, we were both ready for a break. We drove away in a random direction, looking for a cafe. Gary kept losing track of where we were, complaining bitterly that road and junctions we drove around weren't marked in my A-Z. There were several exclamation of "But the road doesn't do that !" We diverted at one point so we weren't following a car that was billowing out clouds of oil smoke so dense it looked like a defensive measure on a Bond car. We ended up on Ecclesfield Road, which leads to Meadowhell, so we went there, as it has toilets and cafes.

After our break, we went along to the Meadowhall retail park to visit the pet store, as Gary wants to get a scratching post for his Mum's cat. We also stopped at Curry's, so he could get a new kettle. From there, it was into Attercliffe, with a slight diversion around the one-way system to reach the Ford dealership there. I had a look at the Fiesta, the Focus and the Ka. The Focus was nice, but a little too big for what I need; the Ka was too small, really; the Fiesta looked just right. The display car was a rather bilious lime green, called 'squeeze'. I initially misread this as 'sneeze', which I think describes the colour rather more accurately. No decisions made yet - there's other cars to go see and when I've got a shortlist, I'll test drive those. The Fiesta is probably going to be high on the list though, but in red or blue. Not sneeze coloured.

As it was getting on for half five and I was tired, I suggested that Gary drive home. We cunning avoided the city centre by going up over Burngreave and Pitsmoor way, and back down Rutland Road. We arrived at the junction with Penistone Road just as longhairedhippy  was walking across. We came home and had coffee, then strawberries and ice cream.

And the schedule ahead is out Fri afternoon in town. Sat to the Birman cat show somewhere in Sheffield with a diversion to Triples with Helen. Sun should be another drive with Gary, then a roast pork dinner for us both. Mon evening is roleplaying. Tues I've got a two hour driving lesson, games in the evening, and a visit to the Mazda dealer with Gary to pick up his new car, and drive his old one back for him. Wed might be a drive over to Congleston in convoy with Gary. Him in the new car and me driving the old one to a friend of his aunt, who wants it for parts. Then Gary can drive us back to Sheffield. Thurs is the dentist in the afternoon. Next Fri I'll have to be up for the carers' visit in the morning, but I may well just fall over for the rest of the day.


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16th Apr, 2010 12:28 (UTC)
There's been a lot of longhairedhippy-spotting lately... a couple of colleagues have remarked to me recently that they've seen me on my walk to or from work :)
16th Apr, 2010 16:44 (UTC)
I love my focus hatchback, but then I periodically need to cart around a bunch of camping gear, or the occasional wedding cake, so cargo space (specifically tall air conditionable cargo space, since buttercream is meltable) was one of my criteria when car shopping.

It's bright yellow, so it's easy to find in parking lots too, unless it's behind a big SUV. In fact, a friend and I were once coming out of somewhere into a dark mist and looking for our cars. He drove a silver Saturn. I smugly told him "I can see my car!" and he replied by growling "You can see your car from *space*".
16th Apr, 2010 18:58 (UTC)
Ideally I'd like a yellow car, but Gary has just done the rounds of the motability dealers and apparently there's very few cars being offered in yellow at the moment. His new car is similar to the 'sneeze' colour.
16th Apr, 2010 17:15 (UTC)
I've driven a Fiesta briefly before and was quite pleased with it. Good amount of space for a small car.
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