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Out and About

Been busyish over the weekend. Went shopping with Gary on Thursday. I was thinking that it was a long time since I'd have duck, and maybe I should treat myself. Well, Tesco's had crown of duck reduced by a quid to £5 so I treated myself.and invited Gary over to share it on Friday.  We had roast duck with new potatoes and roast carrot and parsnip - very good it was too. We played the Bermuda Triangle game I won on ebay recently, and had fun trying to avoid the mysterious magnetic cloud that sucked up our fleets of little plastic ships.

Saturday I was up early - to be ready when Steve and Helen came to pick me up a 7.00am. It was another cat show/outing, this time to Preston. After looking at the cats, Helen and I ventured into the city centre, which has a swine of a one-way system. We eventually found the museum we wanted, and a nearby parking space. My blue badge is a blessing for getting parking spaces, and usually free too ! We were ready for a cup of tea/coffee, but the museum's cafe was closed, as some staff were ill. So we set off into the surrounding area again, on foot this time. We had a hot breakfast and Marks and Spencers, then browsed a charity shop on the way back to the museum.
   Inside, we looked at a lovely exhibition on way of embellishing fabric. There were all kinds of period clothes with embroidery, lacework, and examples of different weaving and printing techniques. We picked out clothes that our characters might have worn at different times in the recent time travel campaign. After this, we admired a lovely collection of glassware and a splendid collection of scent bottles in many different shapes and materials.
   Then it was back to the cat show. I bought a fabric play cube for £1.99, which the cats have already thoroughly played with. Then home over the Woodhead pass.

Sunday night was roleplaying. We're doing Chris' steampunk campaign again. We finished digging a hole through a glacier in central Africa and succeeded in finding the crown of the Queen of Sheba. The characters are on their way back to England now, but we have to deal with a nasty group of slavers first.

Yesterday was my third driving lesson. A two-hour drive this time, principally practising roundabouts and dual-carriageways. We went through Hillsborough and up Southey Green way, where there are some small, fairly quiet roundabouts that are good for practising. It seems to be a popular area to teach driving, as we saw several other driving school cars. We came back along Penistone Road, over the top of Walkley and down through Crookes to Broomhill and the University. We edged around the smallest section of Brook Hill roundabout, from Western bank to Winter Street, and then back home. Handling the controls is becoming much more instinctive now and the overall feel for the car and driving is improving. My driving instructor said I was coming on well, and will soon be ready to go start looking for my own car.
Another 2 hours next Monday - roundabouts and dual-carriageways again, plus parking practice. Gary's putting me on the insurance of his car, so I can get in some extra practice. Unfortunately he's developed an eye problem; I might get a spin out at the end of the week, depending on how well he recovers.

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