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I never saw that before !

I had a nice day out yesterday. I went with Steve and Helen to the Lancashire Cat Club show in Wigan. I wasn't showing Iella this time: it was an event they were going to anyway so I came along for the day out. Steve got himself a job stewarding at the show and Helen and I went out to the nearby market town of Ormskirk.
  The weather forecast had been promising, and we'd left Sheffield in lovely sunshine. However, there was snow on the tops as we went over the Woodhead pass, though we couldn't always see it, as there was fog over the highest point of the pass. Fortunately Wigan nad Ormskirk were just overcast and cold, not actually foggy or rainy. I remembered to take along my shiny new Blue Disabled Badge, which meant a good parking spot and no charges.
   I'd read that Ormskirk has a market on Saturdays, which was the main reason for suggesting it for our trip out, However, the market was mainly of the cheap clothes, cut-price food and household goods variety. There were a couple of butcher's stalls selling decent meat, but we didn't want to buy perishables. All the same, we had a nice wander and Helen bought some gloves and reduced-to-clear Xmas themed chocolate bars. I got some of my favourite menthise peppermints from a cheap sweet stall. One of the first shops we'd seen, before reaching the market,  was a sweet shop, selling old-fashioned sweets by the quarter. There were no prices visible, which made me a bit wary. It turned out that everything was 99p a quarter, which is reasonable for some things and overpriced for others. They had the menthise mints, but I didn't buy any there, as I knew I could get them cheaper in Sheffield markets, at about 65p/quarter. So I was very smug when I later saw the same sweets on the Omskirk market stall for just 50p/quarter.
   Ormskirk also has a fine selection of charity shops, and we visited several. Helen got some books and I got the Star Wars Essential Guide to Vehicles and Technology. We had lunch at a fish and chip shop with a small seated area at the back. The pie and fish weren't great, but we agreed that the chips were good, and it wasn't expensive. After this we wandered back to the car, and to Wigan.
  Back at the cat show we visited the stalls, bought tombola tickets and won a couple of soft toys. I found a pottery cat that was clearly from the same range as one my brother Chris had given me a few years ago for Xmas. I had to buy that to go with my Fat Cat. On the real cat front, we saw a genuine rarity. There was a young tortoiseshell and white Persian tomcat present. He was nicely marked and a pretty cat - but not what the owner had wanted. The breeder had assumed that this tortie  was female, as around only 1 in 3,000 torties are male. So the cat was sold as a breeding female, and nobody bothered to check the anatomy until she/he  was being examined at the show. Being a young, immature cat, and a fluffy Perian, I guess his attributes aren't that visible yet. Tortie males are sterile, so he can't be used as a stud cat. He was pretty though.



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14th Mar, 2010 23:31 (UTC)
:-( I hope the tortie finds a home where he's welcomed and loved, as the breeder won't want to keep him. Poor boy.

We almost got Jasmin's brother by mistake; luckily Patsy checked as she suddenly thought the other kitten looked "prettier".
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