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If it ain't broke...

But then again, sometimes it is.

My vacuum cleaner broke the other week. I wasn't using it myself, as I have help with some domestic chores. The care assistant had done the living room and was just by the bedroom door when the cleaner suddenly died. It just stopped. I tried a different socket, checked the socket worked and changed the fust. Nothing worked - I have an ex-vacuum cleaner. Drat.
  However, Daniel in flat 1 had offered me the loan of his spare. It's actually one that was supplied by the landlord, but Daniel prefers a Dyson and has got his own. I asked to borrow it, and Daniel kindly carried it upstairs for me. So, Tuesday was the next visit from the carers - a different pair this time. One took the borrowed vac and started in the living room. It got to the same spot by the bedroom door and also died. I couldn't revive that one either.

I'd invited Gary over on Wed night to share chicken stew. He likes fiddling with machinery and is more knowledgable than I am, so we spent a chunk of the evening on the floor, prising apart the two vacuum cleaners and trying to resolve the situation. Things were assembled, tested, cursed, disassembled and rearranged. We swapped parts between the two machines and both machines had their innards hoovered out and are now much cleaner inside. However, in the end, my hoover was still cutting out erractically. Although the motor had been inspected and looked fine, Gary eventually concluded that it had to be at fault, as swapping those was about the only thing we hadn't tried. However, by this time we were both tired and uncomfortable after spending so long on the floor. We quit and slumped in the armchairs with coffee and chewy currant and cinnamon cookies.

So we need to make another assult on the hoovers, preferably in the not too distant future. I've bought some fudge for Gary and will probably cook another meal for him too, as a thank you.

Today, I had to go to the dentist for some minor fillings. Not long before I needed to leave, I realized that my watch had stopped. I had a credit note for PA Jeweller's, which is just up the road from the dentist. So after getting the teeth done, I walked up to the jeweller's. Nice young woman took my watch away, and came back a few minutes later to say that the battery still had an almost full charge (after two years), so it was the watch that was dead. They had no other similar watches in, and I do like it, so I opted to have it repaired. Nice young woman offered me a loan watch while mine was being done. This was a bit too large so she went away to have some links removed. While I was waiting, I fiddled with my watch, absently noted that the little knob had been pulled out, as you have to for setting the time, and pushed it back into place. NYW came back with adjusted loaner, picked up my watch, and discovered it was now working. I'd assumed the knob had been pulled out while they'd been fiddling with my watch in the back of the shop. It must have got pulled out earlier, at home, which had caused the watch to stop. I don't know how I did it; I've had the watch over 15 years and never accidentally pulled the knob out before. However, watch is now working fine and NYW was still very nice.
   While waiting, I'd been looking at the pin board with gold charms on it, There were some lovely ones, including a wooden motorboat charm just like the one on the bracelet that my Godmither gave me. So as the watch hadn't needed repairing at all, I put the credit note towards a new charm for my bracelet. I got a revolver - a little Colt .45. It seemed appropriate for a western writer, and Pat, my godmother, enjoyed a good western and was very proud of the fact that I wrote them. I have to take the bracelet to the shop to get the charm fitted, but they'll do that for free.


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12th Mar, 2010 11:16 (UTC)
Netto have some Hoover cylinder vacuum cleaners in for £50 that look quite good.

Also, how do you go about getting help at home, and does it cost a lot? I'm not managing very well here, and could really do with some help if I can afford it, though my income's very low I do get a little bit of DLA.
13th Mar, 2010 17:27 (UTC)
I was in Howden House, the big council building in town, and asked if I could see someone about social services. I think it's the Adult Services Sevices Team. I was seen pretty much there and then, as it happened.
There's a lot of help available - look at the Care and Support section on the council's website. They will assess your situation and agree a care and support plan with you, then do a financial assessment. If you're on a low income, you may not have to pay anything. I don't think DLA is taken into consideration. In any case, I don't have to pay towards the help I get.
13th Mar, 2010 19:31 (UTC)
Thanks Gillian! If I thought it could be free, I'd have sorted this out years ago!
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