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Shine a little light

The doc said that if the antihistamine eyedrops don't work, go see the optician, so I did that today. They'd spotted that I'm not actually due for my next test until Sep and phone lunchtime to ask if I was sure I wanted the appointment. Very efficient of them.

Had a thorough checkup and talked to the optician. She confirmed what I thought was most likely the trouble. I've got optic neuritis - inflammation of the optic nerve. I have an afferent pupil defect, which means that the pupil dilates instead of contracting when you shine a light into the eye. There's not a lot they can do about it. The condition generally resolves on its own after a few weeks, usually to about the same level of vision as before.

After leaving the opticians, I wandered into Forbidden Planet and had a poke around. Found a Wedge Antilles figure in the Star Wars stuff and was very tempted. It's a nicely detailed model and was reduced - from £15 to £9, which I felt was still too much for me.

Popped into Debenhams, mostly to use their loos, and took a look at the houseware while I was there. Found a gorgeous pearlescent deep red charger in the sale stuff. It's a large plate to be used under other dishes, to make the table setting look more impressive. And it just very pretty itself. It was reduced to £2 according to the label, so I decided to buy it. In the end, it was only £1.20, which is an utter bargain, so pleased with that.

Put a film in at Boots to be developed. I like a matt finish on photos which is almost impossible to get nowadays. Boots will do it, but have to send the film away to another lab, which takes longer. I'm not in a hurry for the pics, so I opted for matt. It's a 36 shot film (which usually means about 38 on my camera) and I started it last Sep at Asha's wedding, so no doubt there'll be a few  "I'd forgotten about taking that" pics amongs them.

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