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Been quiet

So, yeah. I have been doing stuff, just haven't got around to reporting any of it.

It was my birthday last Sunday. I baked some Tunisian Orange cake to take to D&D (gluten free, so suitable for Ashas) and planned to hijack the game and suggest playing board games instead. As I hadn't had the oopmph to actually organize anything this year, this was going to be my party. However, it snowed on Sunday, the drivers couldn't get their cars out and so the game was cancelled mid-afternoon. I felt decidedly flat, however, my mood was improved by a Happy Birthday text sent during the evening by soul_rider   Thank you for that.
  I did think about taking the orange cake to K's house on Tues evening, but more snow was predicted so I stayed home. I've now eaten most the cake myself and have made rum and raisin fudge. Well, it's almost fudge. I don't think it was boiled quite long or hot enough, so it's a bit sticky, rather than crumbly, but OK. Have the ingedients to make more cake tomorrow perhaps. I found mine seemed oily, so may use less oil than the recipe suggested.

Mum and Dad phoned on my birthday. While talking, Mum casually said, "Oh, did Dad tell you we're moving ?"
 Again !
It's a little over two years since they moved into the bungalow. They've redone the front yeard, the kitchen and bathroom, and converted the garage into a second large bedroom. When I was there at Xmas, they'd just got it the way they wanted it, and Dad was happily putting up shelves in his study and arranging his CD's and books.
  However, they had to take the bungalow at fairly short notice, and Mum's complained about it being right on the outskirts of town. Not that Wymondham's a large town. It's fine while they can both drive, but Mum has eye problems and worries that she might not be able to drive in the next few years or less. Dad's mobility is restricted and he may not be able to drive much longer. So they've made an offer on a house very close to the centre of town. I think the library is within walking distance even for Dad. At least this place has been refurbished recently, so they shouldn't need to do too much to it.

Had a nice run out and back to Ikea again this morning. The floor lamp I got there at the end of Jan was faulty and kept popping bulbs. So Helen drive us there to return it and have a mooch about. She has a store card which gives discounts on things, and a voucher for £10 off on a £60 spend. She decided to treat herself to a new sheepskin rug for her bedroom, so we went for the spend. She also got some very cheap wall clocks for the new labs at work, which she can claim back on expenses, so part of the £60 target didn't actually cost us anything.
  I got a new chopping board, as my current one is rather heavy. I want to get a couple of new saucepans but didn't like any they had. However, I took the plunge and got a pull-along shopping trolly. I've been considering getting one for a while and have looked at a variety. Ikea had one at the kind of price I wanted to pay, with the main features I wanted, including a flap that can be fastening down as well as a drawstring top, and acceptable colour scheme. Most trolley bag fabrics are either bland, ugly or garish.
  I also visited the food shop and came away with some cinnamon rolls, marizpan tartlets, elderflower syrup, very tasty jelly goldish and an alcoholic apple and cloudberry drink.
  The new lamp is installed and currently working. I shan't trust the thing until it's been used for about a week without popping a bulb. If it manages that, I shall assume it's OK.


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28th Feb, 2010 07:16 (UTC)
Oh - I need a new shopping trolley too! I hadn't thought of IKEA.
28th Feb, 2010 10:56 (UTC)
HAPPY belated birthday! xxxx
28th Feb, 2010 12:29 (UTC)
Glad you had a good birthday, I had meant to send a virtual card but for some reason convinced myself your birthday was next month! Will you be at the Friday social this week?

Also, whilst I am confessing to rubbish brain, was it you I was to lend the second Dresden file book to? If so can bring on Friday.
28th Feb, 2010 22:13 (UTC)
Oh yes; you had offered to loan me the second Desden files book - thank you.

I hope to see you on Friday.
28th Feb, 2010 21:30 (UTC)
Happy Belated birthday Gillian. Here's to an excellent year for you.
28th Feb, 2010 22:14 (UTC)
Thank you all for the birthday wishes
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