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Been doing stuff...

Just haven't got around to blogging about it.

I put up the new bookcase - it's deeper than the old one and made the passage through to the games room really quite narrow. I couldn't swap it with any of the other bookcases though. I treated myself to a second Sindy house, having figured out that if I got rid of more junk and shifted things around in the games room, I could fit it in. I did have the two Sindy houses nicely side by side against the wall. However, as the bookcase was wide than expected, I spent a fair while working out how to squeeze that into the games room as well. The two Sindy houses now stand in a V-shape, carefully positioned so I can still get to the freezer beyond them, and there's room for the bookcase against the wall, and enough room to pass between bookcase, older Sindy house and the door. About a week later, I realized I'd assembled the bookcase with the uncovered edges of the shelves facing out, displaying plain MDF instead of the white covering. I turned round the middle shelves, but couldn't move the bottom one without dismantling the entire bookcase, which I wasn't willing to do. Still, that one isn't as obvious.

Spent time playing games earlier in the week. No Ven at D&D so games instead of roleplaying. We started with Give Me the Brain, playing five hands so everyone dealt once. Asha won two and I won three. Then we played Fluxx for five rounds - I won twice. Then we played nomination whist from 7 down to 1 and up again. In spite of a wobble around the fourth hand and at the end, I won comfortably.
  Tues evening went over to Hillsborough to play games at the Chivers'. rich_jacko  brought pirate themed Munchkin, which he won at. This was followed by a couple of rounds of Fluxx, which I won at again. Maybe I should have bought a lottery ticket on my way home. I did have to buy milk though. I'd bought some earlier and put it in the fridge while I played. I forgot it and remembered when I was halfway to the tram stop. Too tired to trek back and fetch it so bought more from the garage I was passing. K called the next morning about it - Ed had offered to drive my milk over to me in the evening, which was very kind. As I'd got more, I didn't need him to do this, which was just as well as it snowed fairly thoroughly that day.

Still trying to get my website up and running. The western section is up but can't get the fanfic directory to talk to other parts. Must work on that. Will bring you up to date on writing news soon.

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