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Free sample fail

Yesterday some random healthfood samples arrived through the letterbox. It was from a company called Herbalife and consisted of a Healthy Meal nutritional shake mix and a Healthy Meal bar - a rather vaguely labelled grain bar with chocolate flavour coating on one side. Working on the long-embedded student principle of never refusing free food, I decided to sample the samples.

I tried the grain bar yesterday. The first bite is OK; it tastes all right and seems nice and chewy. After chewing about three or four times, it seems to dry in the mouth and turn to sawdust. I managed about three bites - each one started OK and turned to sawdust. After that I decided it wasn't worth it, and threw it in the bin.

This afternoon, I tried the vanilla flavour. It has an alarming list of ingredients, reading rather like a chemistry textbook, but also including parsley powder and papaya powder, but not vanilla, though it does have 'flavours' in it. I made this up with a fraction more milk than called for, and stirred thoroughly. It tasted OK, and was nice and thick, but a bit powdery. I stirred it quite a bit more, and the powder did seem properly dissolved. However, it was still like drinking thick milk with sawdust in it. Nasty. I gave up after three or four mouthfuls.

Maybe Herbalife is actually a division of a timber company and they're trying to find new ways of making a profit on the sawdust produced in their mills.Their health foods certainly taste like it. Well, thanks for the free samples, guys. Now I know not to spend any money on your products.



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21st Jan, 2010 07:15 (UTC)
This just confirms why I am generally suspicious of heavily processed "healthy" foods.
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