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Kitties !

Got some good photos with the new camera, so here's some kitties to admire:

Both of them like the cat tree but it's usually Iella on the top platform

Or, mostly on it anyway. She's fast asleep in this pic

She looks rather coy here

And here's a pic of Diesel's Evil Twin

And finally  - Diesel and Iella together. I swear Iella's got bigger just since Xmas



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16th Jan, 2010 07:15 (UTC)
I'd agree with you - Iella is getting really big! She still has the most gorgeous tail ever.

I love the photo of the two of them together. Awww, cuddle. :-)
16th Jan, 2010 10:08 (UTC)
How lovely that they get on so well! How big will Iella get?
16th Jan, 2010 17:33 (UTC)
They don't always get on so well. There's no malice, but Iella is young and bumptious and likes to play 'chase', even when Diesel doesn't. Diesel tends to take refuge on top of the table and Iella makes sorties from a chair below - with poor results for the tablecloth and everything on the table. I got fed up of straighening the cloth and picking up the pot and all the pens that had been inside it. I found two large bulldog clips and pinned the cloth to the table - it's working so far.

Iella currently weighs 8 lbs, though it feels like a bit more than that. She's nearly 10 months and bigger than Diesel, though Diesel is a medium-small cat. Males can grow to be quite vast and weigh a good 20+lbs; the females grow to about half the size. Skogkatts don't mature until about the age of four, so I expect Iella's still got some growing to do, and should end up noticibly large, though not as spectacular as a boy would.
16th Jan, 2010 20:20 (UTC)
[converts] 3.6kgs! Wow, she weighs more than Claudia and Tessa did! Ashley's three months older than heavy-boned little Jasmin and is still under 3kgs. THe vet says she's a very small cat though.

20lb/9kg I see is more than twice the weight of our Vic, and he's heavy enough. :-P

I don't think ordinary cats are fully grown for at least two years so I'm expecting Jasmin and Ashley, who are both still quite small, to grow quite a bit more. Tessa was also a very small kitten and young cat and I don't think she hit her full size for about the four years you mention.
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