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In a roundabout kind of way.

I travelled down to an unusually snowy Norfolk on Tues. In spite of the country's transport system falling apart due to a sudden attack of weather, the train trip was uneventful and ran exactly to time. I'm staying in the spare room, which has satellite telly and the computer. My nephew is politely concealing his annoyance, since he virtually lives in here, when he's not in college. Now and again he goes home to his parents, but his Dad won't have satellite tv installed, and his Mum insists on using the computer too. So AyJy spend much of his time in here.

I went into Norwich today, which was less busy than this time last year. I wanted a new digital camera for Xmas, so after some online research, I chose one and phoned the shop to reserve one, so I wouldn't get there only to find they'd sold out. I'll charge the battery tomorrow morning, so it's ready to use, then ask Dad if he wants to wrap the camera so I can open it on Xmas morning. I got some gifts to give to the family and had a little spend at the Lakeland shop. I'd wanted the Wash up Wizz, but there were none on the display. When I asked at the till, the manager said they were out of stock, and offered to send them to my home, with free postage. I was very pleased, as they are an item I particularly wanted and would have had to mail order and pay postage on otherwise. I still pay the proper item price, but no postage.

As I was walking back towards the market, I heard old-fashioned fairground music. There was a carousel near the library, which I don't think they've had in previous years. There's usually one in Sheffield for a couple of weeks in December, but the big wheel is in its spot atm. The one in Norwich was playing music from a cd  while it was running, and as I walked up, the music was Yakety-Yak - the Benny Hill theme :) It was great. I love roundabouts, so I had a ride.It's a lovely sensation and always makes me smile. And the music they played was Merry Xmas Everybody, which is my favourite Xmas song, and made it a wonderful, festive experience.

Wymondham tomorrow and  more shopping. At least I don't need to buy any food this week, so that's more money available for other stuff, right ?

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