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Yesterday I got a box of stuff I'd ordered from Amazon USA. This included a junk mail flyer for a mobile phone network. Cell phone would be more accurate, as it's for an American network, intended for American customers. Still you can't expect the packing monkeys at Amazon to take notice of which parcels are being sent out of America, even though the address is on the packing label they put in along with the flyer. The phone package includes free calls to Europe, though according to the small print, this is a Europe consisting solely of Italy, France, Spain, the UK and Ireland. I guess there must have been some huge earthquake I haven't heard about.

What I'd ordered was a road and recreation atlas of Colorado, which is where the current western is set. I really love having nice maps to work from and to give me a feel for the landscape. Sadly, after being brought up with our OS maps, American mapping seems sadly patchy and disorganized. 
   I have a fabulous map of the Silverton/Ouray area I got while I was out there. The company that produced it, only make three maps: two based around Silverton, and one around Santa Fe. *sigh*. Another company makes good maps, each covering one state, but they don't ship outside the USA. I found a terrific online site that lets you create custom maps. You pick the area you want, the scale, map size, specialist stiuff like GPS co-ordinates, hillshading etc. Having got exactly the map I wanted, I discovered that they charge $40 to post a map to the UK.  $40 for a map ! Do they wrap the damn thing in lead sheeting ? Gah.



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1st Apr, 2007 12:37 (UTC)
Would it work out cheaper to send it to an address in America and have them send it on for you?
1st Apr, 2007 13:09 (UTC)
Almost certainly. I've got a couple of friends in the US who'd do that for me. It doesn't seem quite so urgent now I've got the big Colorado atlas, si map buying can wait a while.
10th Apr, 2007 14:15 (UTC)
Well, keep those of us over here in mind if you decided you do need something shipped.
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