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Well, the flat is now ready for Xmas. As usual, soul_rider and family came over and helped with the decorating. If my calculations and memory are correct, we started back in 1999, so this is the eleventh year of doing tree and tinsel together. As I wanted to keep the more breakable ornaments out of the reach of cats, there was less room to space those out, and so not all of them went up this year. Not that the tree is short of ornaments: I buy at least one more every year, and K often gives me one or more as part of my Xmas present. This year it was a present from Evie. It is a lovely copper and gold decoration of an old-fashioned design, and I like it very much. In fact, I'd been looking at the exact same thing in Wilkinsons the day before, but luckily refrained from buying one as I'd already spent too much recently. A lot of my tree decorations are either gifts from friends, or else associated with holidays and days out. I have a cat clutching a gingerbread fish, from Colorado; a snowy owl from Virginia; a cuckoo clock from a trip to York Xmas market with K, Rich and tiny baby Evie; a wire Xmas tree that was attached to a card from Steve and Helen; a wreath with the Empire State Building from New York, and a huge bauble with a line of Rockettes from Radion City Music Hall, also from NY. And many more with particular associations.

There's tinsel draped over pictures and pinned to bookcases and door frames. The hall mirror is garlanded and the glass holly wreath is on the bathroom window (the only flat window that can be seen from the street)

I've written nearly all my cards and sent the two that are going abroad. Most of the others going in the post will need large letter stamps which I intended to get from the Post Office in Broomhill this afternoon. Unfortunately, I miscalculated and was wrong in my belief that that PO is open on Sat afternoons. So they'll have to go Monday. Hoever, while I was in Broomhill I picked up some groceries I wanted and dropped a couple of odds and ends in at Oxfam. And while I was there, I was delighted to find a copy of the Judge Dredd board game. I had this years ago but my copy went missing. Chris still has his copy, but now I have one of my own, and don't need to borrow his and have him fish it out of some dim corner of his attic space. It'll be at the pub soon, as will my other game purchase of the day.
I've just won this on ebay, and can't believe I was the only bidder. Yes, it's Operation !, but with a Dalek ! It should be ideal for after the D&D New Year's Eve dinner.

Next Xmas job is to wrap presents. Maybe coffee and some chocolate concrete first though.


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13th Dec, 2009 08:59 (UTC)
Cool <3 please bring Operation next time we have bank holiday board games!
13th Dec, 2009 10:20 (UTC)
that's really pretty, where did you get it?
13th Dec, 2009 15:31 (UTC)
I guess you mean the glass holly wreath ? I got that from Lakeland a few years ago. I don't think they do it any more.
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