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Show and tell

Well, the show was last Saturday, so it's taken nearly a week to get round to the tell part.

Iella was entered for the North of Britain Long Haired and Semi-Long Haired Cat Club show, here in Sheffield, last Sat. I've visited a couple of shows before, but never exhibited a cat, and Iella's never been shown before, so it was somewhat nervewracking for both of us at first. Fortunately I had Steve and Helen on hand for moral and practical support. Steve was stewarding (handling cats for judges) but I had Helen with me for advice and company.

The evening before I gave Iella a flour bath, as recommended by her breeder. I rubbed cornflour well into her coat, to absorb and greasiness, and then gave her a thorough brushing to make her as lovely and fluffy as possible. Her second patch of ezcema had been clearing up, and I was praying that she didn't start another patch overnight. Fortunately all was well in the morning. At the show, she was passed by the vet and we found her pen among the rows. Under GCCF rules, all cats are shown as anonymously as possible. The cat is only identified by pen number, and each pen may only contain a standard white water bowl, litter tray and a particular type of white blanket. Steve and Helen used to show regularly so simply loaned me everything I needed. Iella looked rather anxious, clearly having no idea where she was or what was about to happen, but she wasn't panicking so I left her to settle.

All owners leave the show room during the morning so judges can assess the open classes. These are the breed classes for titles like Champion, Imperial and Premiere. Iella was in the Norwegian Forest Cat female kitten class. Helen and I took the opportunity to visit the Xmas Market at Kelham Island, When we got back, Iella had been awarded third in her class, with a pretty yellow and white rosette sitting on top of her pen. Steve later said she'd settled when the hall was quite, and had been fairly relaxed. In the afternoon, the side classes were being judged. Entry fee covers the relevent open class for your cat and three side classes. These are grouped by type (ie: all semi-longhairs), then Adult classes, Kitten classes and Neuter classes. Iella was in her Maiden class (not have won first, second or third), Debutante and Local. They were quite large classes and she got another third - a slightly smaller yellow and white rosette.

While the afternoon judging was going on, Helen and I wandered around the trade and charity stalls you get at all cat shows. As usual, Helen won on the tombola and the raffle - she has a talent for winning on those things. I got a softer bristle brush for doing Iella's ears, some catnip spray and treats. We both bought jewellery from a very nice stall and Helen got some homemade jam from another stall.
By the end of the day, Iella was looking a lot more relaxed and rolled over to ask for a tummy rub, which is a good sign. Here she is, posing with her Open class rosette:

When we got home, she was skittish about being touched. No doubt she thought I was about to start brushing her again, and she'd had enough of being messed about. By bedtime though, she was coming to be cuddled and fussed. She didn't get brushed again until yesterday, and not as thoroughly as before the show. As she seems happy again, I'm going to put her in another show and see how she copes with that. She'll know what to expect this time, and hopefully will relax more and show herself off better. And as the show's at Nottingham, Helen and I will spend the morning in Ikea, which was 5 mins away from the show :)



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11th Dec, 2009 20:25 (UTC)
Well done, lovely Iella! :-)
11th Dec, 2009 20:40 (UTC)
She really is a lovely girl! And you can tell by looking at her that she has a pleasant disposition. Lucky kitty mommy you are!

Congrats to Iella on a job well done. I bet her next show will prove her to be an old pro. She'll probably like doing it.
11th Dec, 2009 23:57 (UTC)
Congratulations, I think it was rigged, Lella should have got a first.%P
12th Dec, 2009 08:12 (UTC)
Well done, beautiful little girl!

Edited at 2009-12-12 08:13 (UTC)
12th Dec, 2009 20:28 (UTC)
Hurrah, well done :)

Will take your Christmas jam to the Friday night do and hope to see you there, if not will pass it to someone who will see you before Christmas.
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